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            Scion Parts and Accessories

            We have 3,672 Items for Scion In-stock.

            About Scion

            Scion: New Blood, Greater Innovations

            In 2002, Toyota Motor Sales USA launched a marque that aims to attract the younger demographic in the United States-Scion. Stemming from its parent company's principle of "Value Innovation," Scion has become the magnet for the young and young at heart who are looking for high-quality yet unique automobiles. However, despite its age and target market, Scion is continuously pushing the boundaries to come up with innovations that will rival mainstream car brands. These innovations will not only be for the automobile industry but for the people as well.

            Scion Racing

            Drift, time attack, rally, or drag-no matter what event it is, Scion's racing department has proven that it can compete with the best and bigger racing brands. Founded in 2004, Scion Racing has bagged numerous championships and broken various track records. With race-ready tCs, xBs, and xDs, the Scion Racing team dominates various race series such as the Formula Drift, Rally-America, and NASA Road Race.

            Scion release series

            With its passion to build unique and customizable automobiles, Scion released four limited edition vehicle series that are loaded with exclusive features. To prove that these Scionified cars are rare, the cars in the release series come with limited edition badges indicating the number of the vehicle. The limited edition cars in the series are the tC RS 8.0 Absolutely Red, xD RS 4.0 Blizzard Pearl, xB RS 9.0 Hot Lava, and tC RS 7.0 High Voltage.

            Scion BeSpoke

            If there's one feature that young car owners love about their cars, it's the audio system. Good audio systems not only allow drivers to listen to music conveniently, but they also let motorists express themselves. With this in mind, Scion has launched the BeSpoke Premium Audio System for all its 2013 models. BeSpoke allows drivers to access various personalized content services such as social networking sites, routing maps, Internet radio, and POI search. It also allows drivers to adjust music volume depending on vehicle speed and channel availability. Additionally, the Scion Sound Processing featured in BeSpoke lets drivers choose among three sound production presets: natural, for a smooth and even sound; hear, for a powerful and energetic sound; and feel, for deep and bass-enhanced music.

            Scion Top Sellers

            Scion Highlights

            Built by Passion: Scion's Powerhouse Lineup

            As one of the youngest brands in the automobile industry, Scion faced various sales drops before it became a top-rated North American brand. Stemming from Toyota Motor Sales USA, Scion produces one-trim and highly customizable vehicles for the Generation Y demography. However, almost 75 percent of people who bought Scion cars were Toyota customers before. In order to avoid "stealing from each other," Scion is doing its best to design more cars that will appeal to younger and newer buyers. To give you an idea of Scion's passion to build unique cars, here are the brand's latest additions to its lineup.

            Scion FR-S

            Boasting a 6-speed transmission and a front-mounted flat boxer engine, the FR-S is a rear-wheel drive sports car with an MSRP ranging from 25,000 USD to 26,000 for manual and automatic transmission. Toyota and Subaru worked together to craft this Scion coupe, so it has similarities with the Subaru BR-Z. But with its 6.2 second 0-to-60 mph time, the FR-S will surely appeal to young people who are craving for a fast yet safe automobile.

            Scion iQ

            Scion proves that size doesn't matter with the smallest 4-seater car-the iQ. Despite its size, the iQ's front-mounted 1.3-liter engine produces 94 HP and 37 combined MPG. Precise steering and automatic transmission make it easy for drivers to park the iQ anywhere. So if you're looking for something small and cheap yet loaded with intelligent features, the iQ is just right for you.

            Scion tC

            Tagged as anything-but-standard, the Scion tC has chrome-tipped exhaust, panoramic glass roof and 18-inch alloy wheels that will surely impress those who want a little flavor in a hatchback. Though the standard features can be counted in one hand, the dealer-accessories list is loaded, so buyers can fully customize their tCs. With MSRP ranging from 19,500 USD to 20,500 USD, the tC or "touring coupe" will be the choice for those who want something trendy yet light on the pocketbook.

            Scion Trivia

            Quick Facts: Scion

            • Scion means "descendant of" and "heir." It was chosen to reflect the brand's connection to Toyota Motor Sales USA.
            • Measuring 120 inches in length and 59 inches in height, the Scion iQ is the world's smallest 4-seater car.
            • In the 2006 animated film "Cars," one of the tuner cars responsible for the main character getting lost is a 2004 Scion xB.
            • Scion was originally known as Project Exodus-Toyota Motor Sales USA's second attempt to attract younger buyers.
            • According to ISO Quality Planning, the Scion tC is the second most ticketed vehicle per 100,000 miles driven.
            • To increase its sales in the Generation Y demographic, Scion manufactures all its models as monospec and uniquely customizable.
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