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Shock and Strut Mount Products

Without a fully functional shock absorber and strut, your car would be difficult to handle, especially when you make turns and negotiate uneven terrains. See, these auto parts bear the brunt of the chassis flex and longitudinal compression that occur when you drive on corners and rough roads. But then these parts aren't alone in accomplishing these functions; they're complemented by a shock and strut mount that absorbs the chassis flex from the strut and shocks. Aside from helping absorb the stress, this mount also keeps the strut firmly in place no matter how bumpy the road gets. In other words, it serves as the pivot structure for the strut. But due to this stressful task, the mount is vulnerable to damage. So you have to inspect it on a regular basis to be sure it won't fail prematurely. You'll know the part is already defective if you experience hard cornering on easy-to-navigate curves and hear knocking noises when you encounter bumps on the road. Now, a defective mount must be replaced as soon as possible. To spare yourself the hassle it might bring, you must look for a high-quality replacement. If you wish to purchase online, shop at Auto Parts Warehouse. We offer superior shock and strut mount replacements in our vast collection of auto parts good for different car makes and models. Plus, we offer budget-friendly prices so that means big savings for you! So get your parts only from Auto Parts Warehouse, your complete one-stop online auto shop.

Buying Guides

What's In and What's Out: Few Tips when Buying Shock and Strut Mount

The shock and strut mount is like a sumptuous In-N-Out Burger; the top bun connects the assembly to the vehicle and the bottom bun to the other side of the strut. The burger patty is like the rubber-insulating material of the mount. When the car moves and hits a bump, the impact also hits the suspension. It is the job of the mount to reduce the force, noise, and vibration to smoothen the flow of driving.

Feeling hungry? This isn't about the burger though. This article is all about useful tips that can help eliminate the confusion when buying shock and strut mounts for your car.

Consider aftermarket parts as an option.

Aftermarket parts are not created by the car's maker. Basically, these parts are not from Toyota or Ford. These are produced by other companies that manufacture auto parts that are designed to function the same as the original. So why buy aftermarket parts?

  • They are more affordable.

    Of course, buying parts with a popular brand name can cost you more. For instance, if you buy from the original manufacturer, you have to pay around $70 to $100, while for an aftermarket shock and strut mount, price range is from $17 to $50 depending on the brand and type.

  • There is huge variety of parts to choose from.

    There are many companies now that offer aftermarket parts and this gives you a wider selection. You can compare types, brands, and prices before deciding which one to buy. The downside is, you can get overwhelmed by this so choose wisely. Read reviews that talk about the brand.

Check the warranty details.

OEM parts, no matter how expensive they are, always come with warranty starting from six months up to a lifetime. This is a disadvantage for aftermarket parts because not all of them can guarantee a warranty. There are some distributors and suppliers though that give warranty and it is often stated in their catalogues so read them carefully and ask if you have to.

As much as possible, buy direct fit.

There are cases when a direct-fit shock and strut is more applicable.

  • When you are not familiar with aftermarket replacement options because it is your first time to replace this part.
  • Replacement is urgent and you want it done right away instead of spending time cutting and welding just to have it installed.
  • You have enough money to buy; direct-fits are more expensive.

Repair Guides

Bounce Away! How to Replace Your Car's Shock and Strut Mount

Have you ever had the bumpiest ride in your entire life? It's annoying and dizzying like hell. Swear that you would never experience that again by ensuring that your shock and strut mount is in good form and shape. Replace it every once in a while because age and corrosion can make the metal weak and will eventually destroy it.

A little bit of time, effort, and creativity is what you need to replace the shock and strut mount in your own car. This article shows you how to do it.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Prepare these tools:

  • Floor jack
  • Jack stands
  • Tire iron
  • Vice
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Spring compressor
  • Torque wrench
  • Ratchet set
  • Replacement shock and strut mount

Step 1: Lift the front of your car using a floor jack and secure the frame with jack stands. Work on one wheel at a time. Loosen the nut of the wheel with the use of a tire iron. Remove the wheel and set it aside.

Step 2: Find the mounts. Usually there is an upper mount and the lower mount. These mounts connect the shock and the axle or lower suspension. These mounts are held in place by bolts through a shock eyelet mount or hex head screws. Remove them by turning your socket and ratchet in a counterclockwise direction. Place the bolts in a safe area where you can easily find them.

Step 3:Place the new shock and strut mount. Make sure that the holes are well aligned before tightening the nut with a torque wrench. It is advisable to use a vice to keep the mount steady while you're torquing the nut

Step 4: You may opt to change the upper or top mount first before the lower. It is easier to access the top mount through the engine compartment, which is on top of the fenders.

Step 5: Put the wheel back in place and tighten the nut. Turn the wheel to check if it is properly installed. There shouldn't be any screeching noise. Repeat these steps to change the shock and strut mount on the other side of the car.

Step 6: Once you're done, lower the car safely to the ground. See to it that the suspension on both sides of the car is equal.

It is advised to check the mounts in the rear wheels because it is possible that they are also suffering from the same corrosion and bad condition. Replace the old shock and strut mount at the back of the car if needed.

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