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Eibach: Adding German Engineering to Your Suspension System

In 1949, a former factory worker named Heinrich Eibach opened up his own workshop where he sold handmade springs. He wasn't expecting much from this business that he started, but it demanded more and more of him and his declining health. In 1959, his son Wilfried joined the company after completing secondary school. Together, their company produced industrial products like ski lifts.

During the 1970s, Wilfried began managing Eibach. He turned its focus to helping AMG, the company behind the Mercedes-Benz performance cars, in manufacturing suspension springs. At a time when brands of shock absorbers were quite well-known, he began blowing the trumpet for Eibach springs. This move paid off pretty well. Today, the company is known for giving springs the good reputation they deserve.

Many families have started successful businesses that they later on sold to other people or to bigger organizations. But the Eibachs decided otherwise. They still own and operate their auto parts manufacturing business for over 60 years already. Today, Wilfried and his children are still actively involved in the company's daily operations. Wilfried oversees everything as the chairman of the company. His son Ralph handles management while his daughter Swantje heads marketing. Their factories in Germany and California continue to produce top-quality products for suspension systems of various vehicles.

Sturdy lowering springs

Vehicles are engineered with different goals in mind. Some of these rolling machines are really meant to be daily drivers that can offer the right amount of creature comfort and economic performance. This kind of tuning can suffice routine trips to work, school and grocery, and can provide you a good ride during runs to your favorite vacation destinations. However, you can't expect your vehicle to go canyon carving and do quick superhero maneuvers with stock springs. To accomplish that feat, you will have to lower the center of gravity of the vehicle for improved cornering abilities. This is where sturdy lowering springs come to play. This can get your vehicle closer to the ground by a couple of inches. Eibach offers different models of lowering springs suited for cars, trucks and SUVs. Some of these are the Sportline Kit, SUV Pro-Kit, Pro-Kit and Pro-truck. These springs are powdercoated to look good while providing reliable stability when attack turns.

Stable anti-sway bar kits

In your pursuit to make your vehicle handle better on the road and on the track, you will have to limit excessive body roll. You can achieve that by supplementing your performance springs with an anti-sway bar. This component is attached across the body of your vehicle to counter the movement and absorb some of the energy whenever you make a turn or quick lane shift. The Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit is made from cold-formed steel alloy and layered with red powdercoat finish to enhance your attempt on your racing pursuits.

Rugged performance shocks for trucks

On the other end of the automotive world spectrum, trucks are lifted to allow better ground clearance when you are out to conquer trails. But there are things beyond ride height. To be able to take on the harsh punishment of the off-road terrain, you will need rugged performance shocks as well. The Eibach Pro-Truck Sport shocks can be a suitable solution. These are built with the same regard for quality and performance as those parts used for Dakar and WRC. You will be confident enough to drive your truck on the trail after installing these upgrades.

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