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Nailing that Superb Exhaust Note with Flowmaster

Hot rods have been making loud enough noises since day one. When the gearheads go for a straight pipe set-up, you will definitely hear the coveted roar coming from the combustion in the chambers. Manipulating this output for better sound and output became a challenge. Thankfully, a Sonoma county resident named Ray Flugger decided to use his years of experience in designing exhaust parts to create what became known as the suitcase muffler. This success became the foundation of Flugger's company, Flowmaster, in 1983.

After more than 20 years of presiding over the company and helping it grow into one of the most respected names in the aftermarket industry, Flugger sold Flowmaster to the B&M Group in 2010. This group is responsible for three other automotive performance icons, a sure sign that Flowmaster will continue being one of the best in automotive exhaust technology.

Today, Flowmaster has the only research and design facility in the world which centers on its engine dynamometers with complete engine care analysis equipment. It is best known for its chambered mufflers, which produce a distinctive tone.

Topnotch exhaust pipes

When you want more power produced by your V8 block, then you would want to maximize the exhaust flow in your system. The stock exhaust should already be giving you enough oomph whenever you mash on the gas pedal. However, the key behind the X pipe is that it redirects the movement of the gases coming out from your engine for least resistance. In return, you will be able to feel an improvement with the engine response even on lower revs. This kind of set-up works best with muscle cars where there is already a huge amount of torque. Aside from the performance boost, you will improve the V8 sound even before you decide on replacing your muffler. The Flowmaster Scavenger Series X-Pipe Kits are specifically designed to work with your pro street and pro touring American muscle.

Deep rumbling mufflers

The Super 10 is the baddest street muffler the brand has to offer. It has the very loud throaty rumble that can be heard from blocks away. That intensity is already enough to set car alarms to high levels of craziness. It is made of 409S stainless steel with a lifetime warranty to ensure you get to enjoy your muffler longer. This model can make your street car announce its arrival in style, especially if you a big block V8 under the hood.

If you want your vehicle to have that modest rumble, then it would be better to get the Flowmaster 40 Series. The brand's Delta Flow technology allows the necessary exterior sound while keeping it toned down inside. The different inlet and outlet diameters available allow you to integrate this part to your street machine.

Elite performance headers

The big blocks are the types that need free flowing exhaust systems for you to experience extreme satisfaction. Flowmaster gives you the Scavenger Series Elite headers for your performance applications. This eases the flow of gases from the block all the way to the pipes giving you a boost in power.

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