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Gates: A Market Leader with Over 100 Years of Innovations

In 1911, Charles Gates asked his new bride, Hazel, to pool her savings with his so that he could by a mail order company that was advertised in the business. For 3,500 USD, he bought a company that had only one product, hardly any customers, and too much stock. Instead of giving up, he persisted and turned it into a global corporation that leads the production of automotive parts like belts, hoses, water pumps, and performance equipment. This is the story of the Gates Corporation. It was also in when 1911 Charles invited his brother, John, into the business and together they found out that the leather Durable Tread tire cover was a good product. In 1917, John invented the V-belt out of rubber to replace the standard hemp and leather belts found in automobile engines. Over the years, more inventions followed, including products made from synthetic rubber, a material the Gates Corporation helped create.

After Charles died in 1961, Charles, Jr. took over the company and attempted to lead it with his father's fearlessness and innovation. However, Gates experienced recession in the 70s that forced it out of the tire industry. It rallied during the 80s and 90s, buying several other corporations. In 1995, the Gates family sold the company to Tomkins plc of London. Global expansion followed to prepare the Gates Corporation for another century's worth of innovation in many industries, including that of automotive parts.

Hardwearing radiator hoses

Specially engineered for maximum performance, Gates' radiator hoses take aftermarket hoses to the next level with their superb resistance to wear and tear. The brand's Vulco Straight Coolant Hose is developed to be compatible with straight coolant and air connections in a wide variety of applications, including automotive use. These replacement parts are made with heat-resistant covers that make the component durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures. Crafted based on SAE 20R1 Wall Class D-2 qualifications, Gates' radiator hoses are compatible with most vehicle applications. The Vulco Straight Coolant Hose's cover are marked with 1-inch increments, so users can easily measure the part as well as cut it to attain custom fit and easy coolant refill. These radiator hoses have temperature ratings ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 257 degrees Fahrenheit.

Industrial-strength A/C belt tensioners

Gates offers a full line of more than 500 tensioners that possess excellent quality and durability. With such an extensive range of tensioners, customers can definitely count on the brand for their A/C belt tensioners needs. The company guarantees that every A/C belt tensioner it produces is crafted to rigid tolerances and with specifications that ensure OE fit, form, and functionality. Gates produces A/C belt tensioners for a wide range of vehicle applications, including import, domestic, and heavy duty applications. These tensioners use a patented vibration dampening system that significantly enhances their lifespan. Moreover, Gates' A/C belt tensioners utilize a torsional round spring design that offers consistent tension and reduces the chances of contamination.

Precision-engineered thermostats

With its all-stainless steel construction, Gates' SuperStat thermostats use a larger heat motor and a bigger spring that enables it to bring superior performance to most vehicle applications. Aside from their premium quality, the firm's aftermarket thermostats boast their precision temperature control that makes the engine function more efficiently. With speedier engine warm-up and reduced emissions, consumers can benefit from an improved fuel economy. Built to OE specifications, Gates' thermostats can match or even exceed the performance of factory thermostats, making them last longer compared to most thermostats in the market.

Gates Radiator

As far as auto parts are concerned, there are many of them so essential to any sides of your vehicle's performance. One of the components that play a crucial role is the radiator. The radiator serves to prevent a vehicle to experience overheating. This device is designed to disperse the absorbed heat of the coolant from the engine. It comes with a vertical/horizontal finned tubing section that is flanked by two tanks. Having a large amount of water on its tubes or passages, the radiator provides a large area mingling with the atmosphere where a mixture of water with ethylene glycol is pumped through the engine's cylinder. This liquid runs through the thermostat and then get back again to the radiator. With that process under the hood, the vehicle has conducted away heat preventing annihilation to other parts; thus, making the vehicle secured from overheating. So if you want to experience good performance from your vehicle, you have to get a fine or the finest radiator offered in the market today. You can try Gates Radiator which is produced with the latest technology in the land. You can bet that once you employ a Gates radiator into your vehicle, you will witness a true performance of an engine that is not so bothered with overheating. Purchase a high quality Gates radiator, and see the difference it will make.

Gates Thermostat

There are many kinds of thermostat offered in the market today. You have to be careful to those offerings that look so fine yet functions so poor. Better suit with something that has a name in producing top quality auto parts. Secure the product offered by Gates. The Gates thermostat is crafted with the use of the latest technology in design and manufacturing. It is engineered with the aim of attaining the optimum performance a thermostat can offer. Every detail of it is dutifully scrutinized to make sure that what it will offer on a vehicle is a guaranteed successful and efficient warm-up. It is an automotive fact that engine necessitates warp up prior to getting into action, just like a human body needs before exercising. The thermostat is devised to hold and control the warm-up period of a vehicle. It functions by keeping the temperature of the engine at a fixed degree before the wheels begin to roll. This auto component can be found between the radiator and the engine. So, with a critical role a thermostat plays, you must understand that it is a must to make sure that you only employ a thermostat that carries great quality construction. This will also guarantee you of long service life, durability and better performance. So few can only manage to offer a kind of quality a thermostat must possess. Fortunately, we have one of them in our stock. The Gates thermostat is good enough to pass the test from critics' eyes. That is why it is one of the names that can really boast a good reputation when it comes to producing one of the finest parts in the automotive industry.

Gates Timing Belt

If you want to have a fine timing belt to roll within under your hood, you can try Gates timing belt. This timing belt or timing chain is produced by Gates with the use of cutting edge technology to ensure customers of smooth and effective functioning. Though it looks so ordinary, yet every detail of it is professionally scrutinized, making the construction high class and long lasting. It is better to employ a timing belt made by a manufacturer with good reputation. It is because the timing belt works so vital to the engine process. This flexible tooted belt is designed to serve as connection of the engine crankshaft to the camshaft. It functions to synchronize the camshaft to the crankshaft position so that the vales can open and close at the proper time. With that role, the engine completes the process of providing the power in order for the vehicle to run. So, if you want to make sure that your engine will work efficiently, use a timing belt that ensures great quality. Try Gates timing belt in your vehicle now. You can purchase it from us through our secured, fast, and easy online ordering system. And with our online catalog that boasts a comprehensive list of auto parts, you will not have a hard time hunting for other products you seem needed by your vehicle. Place your order now and we will deliver your item quickly and straight to your doorsteps.

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