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K&N: The Authority in High-quality Automotive Filters

With the latest innovation in automotive technology, K&N has managed to provide the world's best air filters. This company has been the leader in air filter technology since 1963, changing and developing continuously to serve only the best products to its consumers.

K&N remains to be a reliable brand in off-road racing and other off-road endeavors. With about 80% of all these off-road vehicles equipped with K & N air filters, this company sponsors famous off-road racing events such as the Pikes Peak, the Baja 500 & 1000and theParis to Dakarrace. Aside from off-road events, K&N has been a part of the world's most prestigious and technical racing association, with nine out of twelve F1 teams using K&N filters.

Keeping up with the advancements in air filter technology, K&N ensures that all its products undergo extensive product development and testing. The company's facilities use in-the-floor-chassis dynamometers, resulting in air filters that are technically designed to increase horsepower.

Cold air intake system that is sure to perform

Improving the flow and quality of the air that gets into the engine should be able to boost the performance further. This can be a good start for the early stages of vehicle modification. You begin your quest for a more capable engine by investing in a cold air intake system. The logic behind it is you set the tip of the intake pipe as far as you can from the hot engine block. This way, the intake can suck more air with lower temperature. It would then feed the denser air into the block in hopes to make a better combustion.

The K&N cold air intakes are designed to be integrated to vehicles with fuel injection systems. The kit includes an air filter, box and pipes that are meant to flow along the spaces in your engine bay. Once this is installed, the driver should be able to feel even the slightest increase in horsepower.

Air filters that keep the particles away from your engine

Trueto its name, air filters are used to prevent elements found in the air from getting into your intake system. You should know that when particles get into your engine, it can compromise the performance of the block. Now, there are different designs of K&N air filters that can be used with your set-up. The most common material used in the brand's filters are washable cotton gauze. These gauzes are colored with the distinctive red associated with the company. You can choose from a variety of universal and direct fit models along with an assortment of shapes that can work with your engine bay.

Short ram intake that boost engine output

For the adrenaline junky on a modest budget, you can opt for the short ram intake. This is easier to integrate in the engine bay while it can also give a more aggressive tone to the block when it is running. It is designed to work with most engine set-ups so you will not have to worry doing extensive modifications on the car. Once installed, you should be able to notice the boost as you step on the gas pedal.

K&N Air Filter

Air filters are designed to keep out harmful particles and allow oxygen to enter the engine's combustion process. But over time, they collect and hold dirt and grime. After a couple of months, airflow to the engine is blocked and can hinder the gas/oxygen mixing process. So, air filters must be checked and changed often. A replacement K&N air filter is the cost effective way to increase air filter performance and longevity. Made with durable materials and the latest filter technology, K&N strives to make air filtering an ubiquitous process that doesn't demand such constant attention. Time is money, so we act quick to get your K&N air filter order out to you without delay. Call today.

K&N Cold Air Intake

New aftermarket high performance K&N cold air intakes are engineered with the latest materials and technologies to maximize airflow, increase gas efficiency, and give you the superior engine response you're looking for. Get the combustion precision and power you need by fine-tuning your air/gas ratios to fit your driving application and customizing needs. Upgrading with an aftermarket high performance K&N cold air intake can turn your humble vehicle into a precision tuned racing machine with maximum combustion efficiency and throttle precision. Get your K&N cold air performance intake online in our safe and secure web catalog. Or call toll-free 1-800-859-0923 anytime day or night. The power your vehicle needs is only a phone call away.

K&N Oil Filter

High performance K&N oil filters are the way to go for easy and inexpensive engine improvement ? a jumpstart to smoother idle and better gas mileage. Oil filters are a simple - but effective - tool for removing dust, grime, and other particles from engine oil, before the oil heads into the sensitive inner engine. Exchanging your factory oil filter for the superior patented technology of K&N's high performance oil filters means better and longer lasting filtration. Your engine is protected better? for longer! K&N's reputation in the high performance industry is outstanding. Order now and get free ground shipping on any order over $50, delivered anywhere in the continental US.

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