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Sprectra: A Leading Provider of Premium Automotive Components Since 1989

Spectra Premium Industries traces its origin from the town of Boucherville in Quebec, Canada. It is a private company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing high-grade OEM and aftermarket automotive parts. Spectra's wide selection of products includes cooling system components, fuel storage and delivery parts, and vehicle climate control essentials.

Spectra is known not only for its top-notch products but also for its unparalleled support and service to its customers. The corporation values entrepreneurship, dedication, and dependability‚ÄĒall of which involve maintaining a strong commitment to and relationship with the clients. Because of this, Spectra always makes sure that it can be reached by its customers through phone calls, e-mails, or live online chats. In addition to this, extra customer assistance can be found on its company website through technical bulletins and e-training video sessions.

Highly-engineered radiators

Product improvement and maximum customer satisfaction are key objectives that govern Spectra's manufacturing methods. The team of skilled individuals behind its production line is also fully aware of the company's commitment to excellence, which is why they strive to deliver products that offer only the highest quality. One of these premium products is Spectra's radiators. Engineered and tested to ensure optimum fit and function, the Spectra radiators truly outperform their competitors when it comes to structural integrity and efficiency. Spectra constructed these components from high-grade materials to guarantee longer service life. They're also compliant to strict OE specification and high quality standards of various product certification bodies. With the amount of attention given into ensuring that these essential components meet and even exceed customer expectations, Spectra proves that it truly deserves to be one of the leaders in the car parts industry.

Well-built fuel tanks

Utilizing its precision-engineering capabilities to their full potential, Spectra also manufactures top-notch fuel tanks to further extend its impressive product lineup. Similar to the cooling system and HVAC components that it produces, these fuel tanks are also designed to meet exacting OEM specifications and high industry standards. To further ensure that they offer a trouble-free performance, Spectra also tested each fuel tank meticulously to see if it's free from leakage and compatibility problems. Moreover, the company also constructed these components from corrosion-resistant steel to assure that its customers will never have to worry about the damaging effects of oxidation. It's pretty apparent that customer satisfaction is indeed one of Spectra's core objectives.

Premium A/C evaporators

Aside from cooling and fuel system components, Spectra is also a reputable producer of various HVAC parts including A/C evaporators. The company's large product selection caters to domestic and import cars. Even customers who drive late-model vehicles can be certain of finding an A/C evaporator to match their requirements with Spectra's wide range of line coverage. But aside from their availability in various types and specifications, these A/C evaporators also feature a plate and fin construction to provide any vehicle with an enhanced HVAC performance. What makes these A/C evaporators even more appealing is the company's dedication to deliver the highest customer satisfaction. By choosing Spectra A/C evaporators, drivers can be certain that they're getting the unbeatable product quality and outstanding customer service that they deserve.

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