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            Smart Parts and Accessories

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            About Smart

            Why Shy Away from Smart Automobiles When You Don’t Have To

            The general American public can be quite stubborn when being introduced to cute little cars. If you can remember your automotive history right, there were such cars like the Ford Pinto and AMC Gremlin that tried to penetrate the culture but failed. Now, the Smart Fortwo is trying to erase the notion that small cars have no room in the American road. The Smart Fortwo has already been accepted and enjoyed across the Atlantic. Now, it is the Fortwo’s mission to convince the United States of America to give small vehicles another chance at redemption. While we ourselves are still a little hesitant on buying and driving one, we think that the little guy deserves a shot. Here are some innovations fitted into the Fortwo that you might want to look at before you shy away from this model.

            Patented Tridion Safety Cell

            Many drivers look the other way because of the conception that small cars pose a great danger during crashes. Their crumple zones are so much compact that it is very easy for you to get sandwiched during vehicular accidents. Now, the Smart Fortwo is trying to change your perspective on that aspect. Its patented Tridion Safety Cell uses design and materials are closely similar to those seen in racecars. The design incorporates reinforced high-strength steel to the car to be able to distribute the force incurred from crashes.

            Aside from the steel construction of the car, engineers were able to integrate a crash management system to ensure your safety inside the car. It taps the capabilities of seatbelts and collapsible steering column to minimize your injuries during possible accidents. Airbags also come in standard with the Smart Fortwo. You are given the Mercedes Benz guarantee for this feature. Smart’s parent company has invested in decades of protective technology for its passengers. Seat, relax and drive. Be comfortable and feel secured.

            The Electric Drive

            In recent years, Smart has produced an all-electric vehicle for the market. It eliminates the need to fuel up and do regular oil checks. Your car automatically eliminates the unwanted emissions that environmentalists frown upon. Its technology is also intended to give you an extra level of confidence with the Battery Assurance Plus. It is an exclusive battery rental program by Smart that gives you an opportunity to enjoy your Smart Fortwo without having to worry about discharge issues. Despite a gasoline-free diet, the engineers who built Smart wants you to have a satisfying driving experience. The electric engine has enough horsepower and torque for accelerating through the city streets.

            Creature Comfort

            Being a small car does not mean that you will be jammed like sardines in a can. The Smart Fortwo’s ergonomics and cabin design are meant to accommodate maximum passenger comfort. There is enough legroom and there are two cozy seats for you and your passenger. The car is also equipped with Smart Drive 2 that integrates your navigation, digital radio, and event finder into a single application. This exemplifies the goal of having a compact car that can do a lot of stuff for you.

            Smart Top Sellers

            Smart Highlights

            Smart Automobile: Changing the Way People Look at Small Vehicles

            There was a time when small hybrid vehicles were just a figment of people’s imaginations. The general public has been accustomed to purely petrol and diesel powered vehicles throughout the course of the 20th century. But the dawn of the 21st century is shedding a new light into the fusion of internal combustion and electric engines. More than that, automotive designers are delving into compact vehicles that can squeeze into small spaces yet offer a comfortable ride for commutes around the city. The idea of small cars has been embraced in Europe. However, Americans have yet to fully appreciate the benefits of having smaller cars. Their culture has always thrived on getting the large gas guzzlers as their transport of choice. By far, the Smart Fortwo is the smallest car rolling on the streets. Let’s explore how cars like Smart came to be and how they can be integrated into a community like the United States of America.

            The Smart Automobile vision

            Smart is the brainchild of Swatch and Mercedes Benz. It seems to be an odd partnership but the two companies had one goal: produce a compact vehicle that will be easy to use and fit into the tightest city streets. Its name is actually a shortened version of Swatch Mercedes Art. The noble idea finally materialized when Daimler Benz agreed to commence with the project. However, Swatch withdrew its support from the project before a model was ever completed due to disagreements concerning the direction of the project. This left Mercedes Benz with full authority over the design.

            The marque launched the original Smart Fortwo in 1999. It made its way to the European market that demands efficient vehicles that can be easily maneuvered through the busy city streets. Despite being tight and underpowered, it found a significant niche in the region. The first models were offered with gasoline and diesel variants to suit the different lifestyles of Europeans. Drivers found the Smart Fortwo easy to drive through rush hour traffic while providing efficient fuel consumption.

            Following the success of the Smart Fortwo, Mercedes Benz decided to build two other Smart models: the Forfour and the Roadster. Unfortunately for the brand, it did not find the same following and success the Fortwo had with the public. All hopes were not gone. Smart decided to stick the Fortwo and reinvented it for the succeeding years.

            The present and future of Smart

            Despite the lack of interest in the US market, Smart still persisted. It was able to integrate its vehicles into a culture of large vehicles. While you can say that people who appreciate this car are a minority, it can be seen being driven in city streets where space and efficiency are much of an issue. At present, there are four Fourtwo models available in the American market. These are the Pure Coupe, Passion Coupe, Passion Cabriolet, and Electric Drive. Switching to vehicles like these might seem to be a farfetched idea for now, but there is hope in sustaining and expanding the appreciation for the Smart Fortwo.

            Smart Trivia

            What You Should Know about the Smart Automobile

            • The idea of producing Swatchmobile or an ultra-urban car bearing the company name was initially offered by Swatch CEO Nicolas Hayek to Volkswagen. The German automaker, however, was having financial struggles that time so it had to pass on the offer.
            • The SMART name is an acronym for Swatch (S) and Mercedes (M) plus their aim of designing an "artful" (ART) small car for the European market. In its corporate branding, however, the company uses a lowercase "smart" name, along with the letter "c" for compact and an arrow to symbolize the company's "forward thinking".
            • The factory where smart cars are built is called Smartville. Situated in Hambach, France, this production site is among the world's most modern automobile production plants.