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It takes a series of well-timed electrical sparks to get your engine going. Those sparks kick off the combustion process so that your engine can provide your car with enough mechanical power to propel forward. Normally, you shouldn't have any problems starting and revving your engine. But if frequent misfiring is causing your engine to hesitate, stall, or lurch forward uncontrollably, then you need to inspect your spark plugs. Chances are, there's at least one Spark Plug in your ride that's no longer working. You see, your spark plugs are the ones that deliver electrical sparks to your engine cylinders. These plugs are timed to release sparks at the right moment. When these plugs fail or falter, then your engine cylinders experience a "misfire", which leads to uncontrollable vibrations in your engine bay when idling. Those vibrations affect the drivability of your vehicle and can even lead to stalling or difficulties restarting your car. Because of the importance of your spark plugs, it's highly recommended that you check on these components each time you give your ride a tune-up. And if you discover that a busted Spark Plug is what's causing your engine's erratic performance, then you need to act now. Save your engine from further damage by replacing worn plugs as soon as possible. To find the best deals on quality spark plugs, check out our wide array of ignition parts here at our catalog. Get topnotch aftermarket plugs at the lowest prices only here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Visit our catalog now.

Buying Guides

Choosing the Right Spark Plug

A lot of people think that a spark plug problem is easy to solve. You just have to replace the worn-out part with a new one and that's pretty much it. Or is it? Contrary to what some people believe in, we'd like to think that there's more to it than simply changing the faulty spark plug with the first aftermarket component that you will see online. You see, more than anything, this vehicle maintenance is all about making decisions-the right decisions, mind you. About what, you ask? Well, one crucial decision you have to make-which is also the most difficult one-is what kind of spark plug to get for your car.

What to look for in your spark plug?

Durability dictates the lifespan of your spark plug. If it's not made to withstand the wear and tear that comes with its function, rest assured that you won't get your money's worth-it is that simple.

Fit simply allows you an easy installation process. As long as you acquired a spark plug that matches your vehicle's specific make and model, you can guarantee that installing it won't be that complicated.

Copper vs Platinum vs Iridium

Which of these three is the best material for your spark plug? That's the question you have to answer. Here's a list of pros and cons of every material:


  • Melting point: 1, 983 degrees F
  • Lifespan: 15, 000 - 20, 000 miles


  • Melting point: 3, 222 degrees F
  • Lifespan: 30, 000 - 60, 000 miles


  • Melting point: 4, 229 degrees F
  • Lifespan: 60, 000 - 100, 000 miles

In the end, you have to decide what's best for your car. If you want a spark plug that's really good in conducting electricity, go for a copper-made one. If you want a spark plug that would last long, you should get a Platinum- or Iridium-made spark plug. But then again, it is not that simple. There are also other factors that would come into play once the spark plug is installed inside your engine. However, if you make the right choice, rest assured that it can help maximize the performance of your vehicle.

Repair Guides

What to Do When your Spark Plugs Fail

There are only a few things in this world that can surely ruin your morning and eventually, your whole day. You may run out of hot water while you're in the middle of a shower, have a very unsatisfying breakfast, and-take our word for it because WE KNOW-faulty spark plugs in your vehicle. Now, since this page is all about cars, we're going to teach you how to fix the last problem on your own. There's also no need to worry if you've got zero experience in automotive DIY because this is one of easiest car part replacements that you will ever encounter. Just carefully follow the instructions below and you'll be alright.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Tools that you'll need:

  • Ratchet wrench
  • Spark plug socket
  • 12-inch socket extension

Step 1: Assuming that you already know where the spark plugs in your ride is located (if you don't, just follow the thick, rubber-covered wires under the hood), you can start by removing the wire from the first spark plug that you'll replace. No tools needed to do this. Just wiggle it to make it loose.

*Note: Be extra careful not to pull the wire out of its boot. You might have to get a new one if that happens. The boot comes in a set too, making that mistake a costly one both literally and figuratively.

Step 2: Put the extension and spark plug socket on your ratchet. Use this to loosen the spark plug (counter-clockwise) and remove it from the engine.

*Note: Examine your old plug. If it is oily or has a crack on the porcelain insulator, it indicates other problems that you need to take care of.

Step 3: Put the new spark plug in the socket and place it by hand. You can finish tightening it by using a wrench. After this, you can put the wire back on the spark plug.

Warning: Even if this goes without saying, we still feel the need to warn you about this. You see, IT. IS. NEVER. SAFE. to do a repair under the hood when the engine is still hot. Let it cool down first.

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