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            Stant Products

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            Stant: Manufacturing Highly Engineered OEM Parts Since 1898

            Stant has become one of the leading names in the aftermarket industry through its innovative manufacturing processes. Developed by its founder, George Stant, these methods combined with the founder's expertise has made the company stand out among others. Moreover, this company has been a consistent advocate of saving the environment through its responsible Environmental Policy.

            Stant products have established its positive track record, with its parts being used in different racing events. Aside from competing in NASCAR races and Indy Car competition, this company boasts its radiator pressure caps for being equipped in more than 40 winning Indianapolis 500 race cars since 1960. Its product line includes fuel system, fuel caps, radiator caps, and thermostats. To ensure that its manufacturing processes don't harm the environment, Stant follows a strict Corporation Environmental Policy. This company makes sure that it follows and abides to all environmental legislations and regulations, with the aim of periodically evaluating its methods to maintain an eco-friendly production of its aftermarket components.

            Gas cap for sealing in the power juice of your vehicle

            You should know by now that the fuel is the essential fluid that keeps the engine of your vehicle running. Without fuel, there will not be any combustion happening in the cylinders. This is why you keep a steady amount of it on your tank. However, there is also much importance in locking it tightly in its container. If it is not properly kept, there is a risk of contaminating it or letting it evaporate. This is why it is ideal to use tight seals like the Stant gas cap. This product is non-locking and non-vented to ensure that the fuel and its vapor stays within the tank. The materials used in constructing the product are of good quality so that it will be able to serve its purpose over a long period of time without complications.

            Oil filler cap for keeping the engine lubricant locked inside

            Oil serves two main purposes in the engine of your vehicle. First, it acts as the lubricant for all the moving parts inside like the crankshaft, camshaft, valves, pistons and many more. Second, it somehow works as a coolant as well. But as we know, this fluid needs to be maintained within the enclosure of the block. If you lose oil in your system, your risk hurting your engine. The Stant oil filler cap can be a suitable replacement to your old cover. It is made of quality materials and receives a heavy zinc plate to repel rust. It should be able to fit in most applications. Just make sure you are specific with your vehicle model when buying it.

            Thermostat for regulating the engine temperature when it is running

            When you crank up your engine after a sitting for a while, it is still cold. The engine needs to warm up to a certain temperature to be able to run in its optimum level. During that, the coolant circulates through the engine to maintain that desired temperature. But before that happens, the thermostat prevents the flow to bring the temperature. Up. The Stant heavy thermostat is made to fit the bill. It is made of stainless steel for maximum endurance during its operation.

            Stant Fuel Tank Cap

            One of the overused parts of the vehicle is the fuel tank cap or the gas caps. Although it is over utilized, vehicle owners pay too little attention to it. The Stant fuel tank cap has three essential functions; the first is fuel economy, the second is safety of the vehicle and its occupants and third is emission control. You may not know it but Stant fuel tank caps are very important. It is of great help in saving fuel because it prevents it from evaporating into thin air. Without a fuel tank cap, it is very likely that there will be gasoline/diesel vapors around your vehicle at all times. This could be very dangerous because those vapors can be randomly ignited if your vehicle gets involved in unfortunate events such as an accident. Also, fuel vapors emit hydrocarbons which are very harmful to the earth's ozone layer and it also causes smog. The Stant fuel tank cap does all of the above exceptionally. We have Stant fuel tank caps of different specifications to fit the need of your vehicle. Our parts locating system will make it easy for you to find the best deals for this device. Order now.

            Stant Radiator Cap

            The Stant radiator caps functions as it prevents the loss of coolant which is important to keep your engine from overheating. Every Stant radiator cap is made of heavy gauge metal that is corrosion resistant. This will assure a long service life and a precise control of pressure. Why is a radiator cap important? Not only "just a cap" for your radiator, it keeps the coolant from boiling, keeping the engine at low temperature. It keeps the coolant cool by pressurizing it. Instead of boiling away, the pressure levels up the boiling temperature of the coolant. The radiator cap allows the coolant to be heated above the boiling point but without boiling. Without a radiator cap or a faulty radiator cap will cause the coolant in the radiator to evaporate or boil over at a lower temperature. And we all know what happens next - engine overheating. Replacing the radiator cap is easy and inexpensive. Replace it with our Stant radiator caps. We offer different cap styles for different types of vehicles. Our online system will make it easy for you to find the best deals offered for a radiator cap. Order one today and take your troubles away.

            Stant Thermostat

            Do you need a new thermostat? Well, you have come to the right place. We have the right thermostats to match your vehicle, may it be a car, a pickup truck or an SUV. We've got them all starting with the Stant thermostat. Thermostats play an important role in the cooling system of your vehicle's engine that's why it is located between the engine and radiator. Its job is to restrain the flow of coolant from the vehicle's radiator until the engine has warmed up. Coolant flows are blocked while the engine is still on a low temperature. The thermostat opens and lets the coolant flow once the engine reaches high operating temperatures. The thermostat helps reduce engine wear, deposits and emissions by letting the engine warm up quickly. Look no further if you are looking for superb quality thermostat because we have the best engineered thermostats, Stant thermostats included. Through our user-friendly parts locator, it will be very easy and convenient for you to find a Stant Thermostat with the right application for your vehicle. We are open 24/7 so you can place your orders any time of the day.

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