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            StopTech Brakes: The Best Replacement Brake Systems and Components on the Aftermarket

            StopTech is an automotive and racing brand from the leading brake system and component innovator, the world-class Centric Parts. They make all sorts of topnotch products for high-performance vehicles and production-based racecars. This company was the first to provide brake upgrades that are balanced for automobiles, making the brand a worldwide leader with over 700 platform offerings that significantly improve your braking operation.

            Simply put, if you want a dramatic change on your vehicle's overall braking performance, then StopTech is your best bet. The company was founded back in 1999 with the intention of becoming a leader in aftermarket parts manufacturing for the automotive field as well as foremost supplier of brake parts and assemblies. The company founders wanted to challenge the brake status quo and they've so far succeeded in challenging the status quo.

            The mostcomprehensive of brake kits

            StopTech challenges the paradigms of brake technology by making the most complete brake kits available. StopTech Big Brake Kits help modify, upgrade, replace, and/or repair your brake so that you'd have complete control over your automotive braking every time. This ensures your safety on the road and allows you more leeway when it comes to controlling your vehicle, which has always been the hallmark of a dependable brake system.

            The big brake kits of StopTech truly do offer the best in stopping technology (as the company's name suggests). These brakes are so high-grade and dependable that you're assured of supercar performance, look, and feel. The smoothness of your ride requires you to have superior braking that doesn't only meet OES but exceeds stock part performance. That's because these brakes have larger rotors than the average assembly. This allows you harder stops and reduced chances of fade.

            The most powerful of brake rotors

            Speaking of rotors,StopTech also sells dependable, individual rotors found in their brake kits. These rotors provide various dependable rotor applications, whether it's for racers, motorists with work vehicles, drivers of public utility vehicles, and so forth. Their benefits include improved cooling, dependable wear-and-tear safeguards, and a number of innovative design details that ensure optimal stoppages every single time. They also enjoy OES or manufacturer-equivalent quality.

            There are even times when StopTech rotors exceed the standards of the OEM, to the point of the rotors becoming performance enhancers or modifiers rather than mere replacements and duplicates of your stock rotor part. After all, the performance rotors of StopTechdoes its primary function of storing and releasing thermal energy that's generated when you're braking to great effect and results. The StopTech brake rotor simply has superior machining technique, casting methods, metallurgy, and vane design compared to its closest competitors.

            The most bombastic of brake pads

            Even when itcomes to a component as seemingly uncomplicated as brake pads, StopTech Brakes find a way to make them stand out in the most positive of lights. Thusly, StopTech-in cooperation with Centric Parts-has come up with a wide selection of high-performance brake pad variants for work duty and racing applications. They have perfect OEM fits for stock calipers as well as calipers included with StopTech Big Brake Kits.

            If you wish to fully optimize your vehicle's performance and reliability, you should choose the correct friction formula for your specific circumstances, whether you're doing some regular city driving or dealing with topnotch, high-pressure racing projects. Centric's specialists have engineered, tested, and selected each friction compound to ensure full stoppage action from their topnotch brake pads every time, ensuring excellent actuation, release, and modulation.

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