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            T-Belt Tensioner Pulley Products

            Have you seen a car spew a T-belt tensioner pulley from its guts in the middle of the highway? It's not a pretty sight 'cause you know the driver has more pain coming his way, what with the huge auto repair bills he's going to have to pay. This sort of thing actually happens to some drivers with bad pulleys, so if you haven't experienced this, you have a lot to be thankful for 'cause you still have time to change your old pulley. But if you're one of the unlucky few who have gone through this misfortune, don't despair 'cause there are a lot of heavy-duty aftermarket pulleys today that can set your timing belt system straight. Most aftermarket idler pulleys are incredibly durable as they're molded from high-strength materials. They also come with warranties, so your rights as a consumer are completely protected. So if you don't want to be stranded on the road, waiting for that embarrassing tow truck, get a new T-belt tensioner pulley now here at Auto Parts Warehouse. This is the only site where you're sure you can't possibly get ripped off because we have a Price Match Guarantee, which means if you find a cheaper pulley elsewhere, we'll match its price for you! Shop for a new pulley today, so you won't be leaving behind any of your car parts in the middle of the road the next time you drive.

            Repair Guides

            Quick Ways to Replace Your Worn T Belt Tensioner Pulley

            The timing belt on your vehicle is the link between your crankshaft and camshaft, and it is in charge of ensuring a synchronized movement of the valves and pistons. That's why if this mechanism malfunctions, expect to experience misfires, power loss, and possibly no-start condition. Hearing noise or flapping sounds from the front of your engine also signals tension loss, which can be attributed to the belt, the bearings, and even the t belt tensioner pulley. While some parts can still be repaired to bring them back to good condition, worn-out tensioner pulleys should be replaced immediately.

            Difficulty: Moderate

            List of things you'll need:

            • Ratchet
            • Socket
            • Pulley tensioner bar
            • New t belt tensioner pulley

            Step 1: Use a pulley tension bar to relieve the tension of the belt so you can access the belt tensioner.

            Step 2: Loosen all mounting bolts that hold the belt tensioner in place. You need to use a ratchet and an appropriate-sized socket to remove the bolts. A 15mm socket is normally needed for this step.

            Step 3: Avoid removing the belt tensioner if it isn't damaged or will not be replaced. Keep in mind that it is the tensioner pulley that you need to access.

            Step 4: Return the mounting bolts back to its place. This should keep the loose belt tensioner from dangling.

            Step 5: Check the t belt tensioner pulley for any signs of wear and tear. Over time, tensioner pulleys can get damaged and have dents or cracks. Without removing the pulley from its connection, spin it to see whether or not it will create a humming noise. Rattling sounds are signs that the bearings could be loose or damaged.

            Step 6: If the tensioner pulley is damaged, even with small dents or cracks only, remove it and replace it with a new pulley. Keep in mind that worn-out bearings and pulley cause the uneven wear on the belt tensioner.

            Step 7: Remove the damaged t belt tensioner pulley and replace it with the new one. Make sure that it is the perfect fit and type for your vehicle to avoid problems. Choosing the right type of replacement is essential, so pay close attention to it as well.

            Step 8: Once the new tensioner pulley is secured, return the belt tensioner back to its original setup. Check again if the mounting bolts are tight before completing the replacement process for your t belt tensioner pulley.

            Make sure that the engine is turned off before starting your vehicle to avoid any form of accidents while checking your tensioner pulley. Refer to the service manual to locate the timing belt tensioner, and see to it that the replacement pulley is the correct type and model.

            Moreover, lubricating the tensioner pulley is not advised because it will only make matters worse. Your tensioner pulley might dry up, become loose, or freeze up. The next time you hear humming sounds from your engine, immediately check your t belt tensioner pulley among other components to pinpoint right away the main culprit behind the noise.

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