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Pickup trucks aren't the only vehicles with tailgates. This part is also present in SUVs, wagons, and vans. The tailgate provides cover and protection for the rear area of these vehicles, while also providing easy access to the cargo area. To make the tailgate easier to access, a Tailgate Handle comes in handy to facilitate the opening and closing of the tailgate. Not only that, vehicle owners can also avoid all sorts of injuries because they have a firm grasp of the tailgate. Sometimes, though, wear and tear and constant use take their toll on tailgate handles. This is why owners must replace the defective handle as soon as they can. Finding a replacement is not difficult at all, since a wide array of replacements is available in the market. Vehicle owners who are after style can opt for custom tailgate handles. Aftermarket and replacement handles usually come in a chrome-plated, painted, or textured black finish. Aside from adding some style to the rear area of a vehicle, most handles produced today are quite durable because manufacturers use tough materials. Most tailgate handles are also direct-fit original equipment replacements. This means that installing the new handle will be an easy task. Even beginner DIY mechanics can do it on their own if they want to. There's only one place to go to when looking for a high-quality Tailgate Handle, and that place is Auto Parts Warehouse. Shop now and take advantage of our affordable prices and big discounts on top-quality products made by reliable manufacturers!

Buying Guides

Tips on How to Find the Correct Tailgate Handle for Your Ride

Just how important is your tailgate handle? Very! The handle works as a grip so that you can open and close your tailgate with ease. It has a latch-and-lock mechanism that keeps it at a position where you leave it. If it is broken or has become irregular of sort, you can still open or close your tailgate but this time with difficulty. Now, who would want that? So if it ever shows symptoms of damage, time to look for a replacement. But how would you know which of the many choices in the market is best for your truck? Here are some things to consider:

Common types of tailgate handle

One of the factors in choosing the perfect tailgate handle for your pickup truck is its material. Most aftermarket tailgate handles are made of heavy-duty plastic, fiber glass, and wood. If you want the practicality of just having a tough replacement for your old part, go for one that's made of plastic. But if you want a more durable and sporty-looking type of tailgate handle, you should choose a replacement that's crafted from fiber glass. However, if you are one classy fanatic, you surely want a craftier replacement handle that's built out of wood.

Aside from the material, a tailgate handle may be classified according to fit. There are OE types, simple replacements, and the aftermarket ones. Made of plastic, fiber glass, or wood, these are available in custom or direct fit. Whichever you choose, you can surely install the handle fast and easy.

What to look for when buying a tailgate handle

So what should you look for to eventually end up with the perfect match for your tailgate? Of course, you should get a direct replacement for the busted handle. Doing this allows you to install the part on your own with some simple hand tools, letting you save money from hiring a mechanic. You should also pick a tailgate handle that is weather and UV resistant, so it can withstand extreme environment conditions. Lastly, it wouldn't hurt to choose one that spruces up the rear of your truck.

Repair Guides

DIY Tips: How to Install a Tailgate Handle

Your tailgate handle may seem like a small part of your truck with no special function, but it can be really difficult for you to access the bed if it gets damaged. Therefore, at the first sign of problems, ensure that you have a good replacement for it. Choose one that perfectly matches your automobile's specifications, so you can DIY and save on labor costs. And if you are actually going to install it by yourself, well, here are the steps you have to follow:

You'll need:

  • 3/8-inch ratchet and socket set
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Replacement tailgate handle

Difficulty level: Easy

Installation time: 15 minutes for an experienced mechanic/enthusiast; 30-45 minutes for first-time DIYers


  1. Always park your car on level surface.
  2. Turn off your engine and turn your key to ?lock' position.

Step 1: Your tailgate handle is secured in place by a bezel. Pull it off to give your hands more room to work on.

Step 2: At the opposite side of your tailgate handle is the securing hardware. Unbolt this using the 3/8-inch ratchet and socket tool.

Step 3: Free the handle carefully to show the mechanisms connecting it to the lock of the tailgate.

Step 4: With the needle-nose pliers, remove the clips that secure the handle to the latching linkage of the tailgate.

Step 5: Pull off the old handle all the way.

Step 6: Prepare the new handle for your tailgate.

Step 7: Use the needle-nose pliers to install the latching linkage to your new handle.

Step 8: Push this new handle until it clicks home.

Step 9: Place the clips back to their places.

Step 10: Bolt the new handle.

Step 11: Put the bezel back in place.

You now have a new tailgate handle! To check if you did a real good job, try lifting your new handle to open and close your tailgate. If it perfectly works with the latching system, you just saved yourself a few bucks.

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