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            Textar: Showcasing Expertise through Cutting-Edge Brake Technology

            TMD Friction Services' Textar is a global leader in producing premium friction products. Its success can be traced back to its humble yet successful beginnings when it was founded more than 100 years ago. Textar started as a sales company in 1913, but it has earned a reputation in the automotive world since then. This company not only made a name for friction products in passenger vehicle applications, it also excelled in motor racing, providing the optimum braking power and pushing the Argentine driver Juan Manual Fangio to several victories in the 50s. Today, it also provides applications for commercial vehicles.

            With a long history in manufacturing friction products, Textar rightfully earned the market respect, especially with its current catalog of products fit for a variety of makes and models. Its innovative technology and strong dedication enable the company to produce high-quality products. Today, Textar boasts over 1,600 disc brake pads, along with more than 425 brake shoes, 200 brake drums, 300 kits, and 1,650 brake discs. The unquestionable expertise, precise engineering, and unwavering commitment make Textar the perfect and most trusted partner even for the next generations.

            Top-of-the-line brake pads

            Textar has more than 1,000 brake pads available on the market, each equipped with superior features. This makes this brand the preferred choice in Europe, and this explains how Textar has become the go-to name for cutting-edge aftermarket friction products. Its OE performance only makes these brake pads even more attractive.

            Textar's mastery of manufacturing brake pads is showcased in its innovative product called the epad. The Textar epad, which is the brand's answer to the market demands for clean and quiet braking, is built through the state-of-the-art friction technology combined with high-grade materials. This special type of brake pad ensures cleaner wheels with its low dust formulation, as well as long service life and low noise. All these characteristics are complemented by its top-level performance that is comparable or better than European standard friction.

            Premium brake discs

            The brake discs from Textar are engineered for the cars driven in North America, ensuring this market of perfect application and performance. Designed to match the car's original braking system, these brake discs have higher carbon content for improved brake reaction, higher thermal load capacity, and even heat distribution. They are also protected with a special anti-corrosion coating to prevent rust formation. Moreover, these brake discs are optimized to perform best with Textar-developed brake pads.

            Further making these discs even better is Textar's process of ensuring premium quality across its product line. These brake discs have undergone a series of tests, including up to 1,000 hours of dynamometer testing and the rigorous homologation testing done in real-life conditions.

            Durable brake drums

            Textar is consistent in producing premium-quality friction products, and its brake drums are no exception. These drums are assured of OE standards, which is made possible by the way they are crafted from heavy-duty materials. In fact, these parts are guaranteed to withstand heat without affecting their performance level. These characteristics paired with Textar's professionalism and tried-and-tested technology gives mechanics and DIYers no reason to ignore the brand's friction products.

            Textar Brake Pad Set

            The braking system of your vehicle is very important in the operation of your vehicle. Without an efficient braking system, you are most likely to encounter accidents. And you and your occupants are at risk. To prevent these unfortunate things from happening, it is important to keep the braking system and its components in top shape. One of these components is the Textar brake pads. This element is responsible for the impact absorption of the frictional force necessary for the vehicle to stop. Usually, you can find it placed in the middle of the brake rotors and the brake calipers. For it to function, it takes up heat and energy to deliver enough grip for the vehicle to stop. Although brake pads are made of tough and durable materials, it can't escape wear and tear. Are your brake pads already worn out? There's no need for you to worry. Our online store will help you by providing what you need. We carry different high quality brands of brake pads, including Textar brake pads. With our easy to use parts locator, finding Textar brake pads is never a hard task. If you need quality Textar brake pads, order it from us.

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