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Do you know that the very first inflatable tire ever produced was made of leather? It was made in 1845 by Robert William Thompson. He constructed hollow tubes from rubber-coated canvas and enclosed them in leather. But like many firsts in history, his invention didn’t instantly succeed, forcing him to put it on the shelf. Little did he know that many would take an interest in what he started. A few decades later, pneumatic rubber tires not so different from the ones we use now were produced. And today, tire designs have become more sophisticated. A tire’s basic parts now include the bead, body, belts, cap plies, sidewall, and the tread. It’s now also made from more advanced combination of materials to suit diverse applications. A tire for a mini van or car, for example, is different from that used in a sport utility vehicle or truck. Tire types now also range according to speed rating and tread design. There’s the standard or all-season tire, which comes with every brand-new vehicle. Designed with grooves to channel away water, it’s meant for regular street driving during both wet and dry seasons. Then there’s the performance tire used in racing. It’s softer and won’t do well on wet roads as a standard tire, but it can let you drive really fast on dry runways. Lastly, there’s the winter tire, a specialized type designed to handle rain, snow, slush, and ice. Now, aside from getting the right tire type to ensure proper traction in all kinds of road conditions, you also have to ensure that every tire in your ride is well taken care of. You can do that by keeping your tires’ inflation pressure right. Keeping all of them balanced is also important to avoid handling difficulties and uneven tire wear. A worn-out tire can make driving difficult and uncomfortable, so it must be replaced immediately. Auto Parts Warehouse offers a wide range of tires from renowned makers in the industry today. Competitive prices and big discounts await you, so shop now!

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