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General Tires

Films like "The Fast & The Furious" have inspired even the everyday driver to go out of the way and make a change in his ride. Why not, when one can add a muscled engine to his ride and add performance-oriented tires to the wheels without much hassle? Using top-quality tires manufactured by General Tires (GT) is a great way to improve your car's performance and looks. The company's tires have exceptional thread life, allowing them to last long even under constant exposure to harsh road conditions and extreme weather. The company manufactures a variety of tire lines such as Altimax, Exclaim, and Grabber. These tire types are made to suit a range of applications: Performance, Passenger, Light Truck, Original Equipment, Winter, and Commercial. All these lines put a premium on performance and comfort. GT takes tire performance to the next level by using advanced technology for certain tire lines. RTM technology maintains road contact and allows the tire to wear out evenly. This also easily alerts the driver of extensive wear. TCT technology makes use of twin cushions that allow for absorption of impact and increased ride comfort. VAI technology allows the driver to extend tire life by letting him identify bad vehicle alignment with just one look. If the technology isn't enough to convince you, perhaps the company's extensive manufacturing experience will. Founded in 1915, GT has continued to produce top-quality tires for the automotive aftermarket. So, if you're out to improve your ride's looks and performance, why not start with the tires? General Tires products are available right here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Get yours today!

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