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Kumho Tires

Tires not only accentuate the overall appearance of a vehicle but complement its particular application as well. Most entry-level street performance vehicles come with stamped steel wheels accessorized with ordinary street tires. Although these are appropriate for basic functions, they can still be upgraded with aftermarket variants built for improved performance. If you want to get performance tires for your ride, Kumho Tires should be on your list of options. The responsive handling and excellent performance of Kumho products come from the company's extensive manufacturing experience combined with advanced industry research. Kumho uses proprietary technologies to manufacture top-caliber tires. Among these technologies is the ESCOT technology that helps maximize tire performance through optimized braking and improved steering. The company is also proud of its XRP technology or eXtended Run Flat Performance. This technology allows drivers to retain control of the car even after the tire gets punctured. Kumho products also have superior traction on- and off-road, resulting in great comfort with every drive. Kumho has a variety of tires under several trims such as the Passenger, Performance, Light Truck and Sport Utility Vehicles, Competition Racing and Drifting, and Medium Commercial Truck categories. Having tires made for particular applications allow owners to choose the best one that suits their respective vehicles. Auto Parts Warehouse has products from Kumho Tires available in our comprehensive catalog. They are available complete with the manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. Purchase a tire made by Kumho right here and get superb tire performance without putting much of a dent on your bank account!

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