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Michelin Tires

Ask any mechanic.chances are they know the Bibendum. Also known as the Michelin Man, the Bibendum has been Michelin's symbol since 1894. The company is a known manufacturer of tires that are used in all kinds of applications. When it comes to quality and performance, Michelin Tires are second to none. In fact, the Bibendum symbol has always been known as the mark of tire quality. Michelin has dominated the industry ever since it was established. Today, you can find its offices all over the world, and it continuously introduces innovative tire manufacturing techniques. Michelin's impressive catalog contains all kinds of tires. For cars, it has tires built for fuel efficiency. The tires are made from a silica-based rubber compound, which guarantees that they can provide you with excellent traction in all road conditions. For vehicles used in long trips, Michelin offers tires that give high mileage and superb fuel economy. Aside from that, these tires also feature wide grooves that prevent water penetration, ensuring consistent traction. For heavy trucks, the company has tires that reduce energy consumption. These tires will also give trucks enhanced maneuverability regardless of the weight of the freight its carrying. Now for construction, quarries, and industrial purposes, Michelin offers a comprehensive tire set to choose from. It also offers tires for agricultural applications, all featuring deep lugs that reduce wear and tear, as well as flat treads that handle the weight of the vehicle efficiently. As a result, they don't penetrate the soft soil of agricultural areas. Whatever your tire needs are, Michelin Tires are always your best option. You can order a set today from Auto Parts Warehouse.

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