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            Tokico Products

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            Tokico: A Leader in Functional Shock Technology

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            With over 65 years of experience in manufacturing brake parts, shock absorbers, and hydraulics, Tokico has become one of the most reputable brands in the original-equipment market. It is the company that created the twin-tube low-pressure gas shock absorber in the 1970s, and the said technology kick-started the development of better shock absorbers for various applications.

            Tokico tries to be a dominant player in the industry by responding to every customer's need. This is the reason why it offers more than ten series of shocks for various applications, whether it is for the track or for street driving. It offers shocks and struts for daily driving, for SUVs and off-road vehicles, and for performance automobiles. The best thing is, it offers customization by combining these series together into a separate, unique series. In addition, the company makes sure that its customers are not misled by explaining what its products are made and capable of. It clearly points out the differences between its products, making sure that customers know the best type for their ride.

            Performance-level hydraulic shock absorbers

            The bestseller in the Tokico catalog, the Tokico hydraulic shock absorber is a performance-grade shock that provides a smoother and more stable damping profile than a factory shock. At the heart of Tokico shocks is its proprietary disc valve system that automatically adjusts to various road conditions, ensuring ride comfort no matter how rough the road or trail is. The shocks are also made of high-quality steel alloys and are coated with a rust-resistant finish for added durability.

            Cutting-edge twin tube shock absorbers

            Tokico prides itself as being the pioneer in gas-type, twin-tube shocks. And all those years of expertise has led to shocks that reduce cavitation better than the competition, resulting in improved vehicle control and ride quality as well as a quieter suspension. The shocks also have thick steel blend alloy that makes it highly resistant to scratches and dents caused by rocks and other debris kicked up by the wheels when driving at high speeds.

            Durable suspension struts

            Available in oil and gas versions, Tokico suspension struts are built to meet the growing dampening control demands of modern vehicles. To achieve this, Tokico struts are designed to provide maximum bottoming resistance for a smoother ride control. The struts are also completely sealed for protection against contaminants and to make it easier to install on the suspension system of most vehicles.

            Easy-to-install strut cartridges

            For buyers who are simply looking for replacement gas cartridges, Tokico offers that as well in both oil and cartridge versions. Tokico's strut cartridges have an OE-compliant configuration that makes it possible to replace the suspension strut of most passenger vehicles with ease. The catridges feature a unique rebound and compression control disc valve system that automatically adjusts in all ride conditions, ensuring a comfortable driving experience even under severe driving conditions. Gas-type versions of the strut cartridges are also designed to protect against rolling and pitching. They also provide a damping force strong enough to prevent a nose dive when braking, double the effects of combined radial and wide tires, and ensure better road control stability when used in conjunction with rear gas shocks.

            Tokico Coil Over Kit

            Suspension strength and reliability are Tokico trademarks. And their high performance coil over kits are no exception. When you're looking to take altered suspension to the max ? up or down ? check out industry leading Tokico coil over kits at Auto Parts Warehouse. Tokico brings over 50 years of experience to the automotive aftermarket suspension business ? a reputation that stands the test of time! Call Auto Parts Warehouse toll free for the Tokico ride ? a high performance adjustable suspension alteration that lasts. Tokico proves that advanced technology and automotive enthusiasm do mix ? for the best and the wildest in custom aftermarket suspension.

            Tokico Shock Absorber

            Tokico has taken leadership of the shock, brake and hydraulic manufacturing industry by providing over 50 years of leading technological advances. When they introduce technology, the market follows. The twin-tube low-pressure gas shock absorber was developed by Tokico in the late 70s, for instance, and spread throughout the world. Adjustable shocks with extra wide specs for street, racing, and auto cross applications are one of their specialties. If you've never checked into the incredible value of upgrading to Tokico aftermarket shocks, you're missing out on high quality at reasonable pricing. Cruise the Auto Parts Warehouse high performance aftermarket shocks catalog and check out the premium Tokico shock enhancements available for your make and model today.

            Tokico Shock Absorber

            Tokico has been a leading supplier of original equipment shocks for over half a century and has developed a reputation for shock absorber strength and reliability. Along the way, their engineers have also had free reign to introduce advances in engineering technology and materials for the upgrade market ? extending new technologies to applications like racing, climbing, off-road, and lift suspension. The difference between a Tokiko factory replacement OEM shock and a Tokiko upgrade aftermarket shock absorber is in the specs. When the vehicle manufacturer sets the specs, that's an OEM original. When Tokiko's own engineers set the specs, that's an aftermarket enhanced Tokico shock absorber. So, whether you're replacing or upgrading, we have the Tokico shock absorbers you need.

            Tokico Strut

            Water, rust and other types of corrosion can destroy struts over time. Or maybe dirt, dust and grime have gotten in your system and are now causing excessive friction that hinders smooth strut and shock suspension. If you're ready for rugged replacement struts, cruise the Tokico online high performance showcase at Auto Parts Warehouse. And if you're upgrading to a new look or more power, Tokico stuts and shocks are an industry proven, high quality choice. Known for durability and stability, even in the roughest terrain, Tokico has been a leader in the replacement and aftermarket upgrade strut business for over 50 years. Call for your Tokiko struts today, 1-800-859-0923.

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