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Tonneau Cover

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Tonneau Cover Products

Check out these fabulous tonneau covers and truck bed covers for your favorite pickup! Tonneau covers and truck bed covers are a great way to secure and protect your truck bed. We've got all kinds of tonneau covers to choose from in our convenient online catalog. You'll find tonneau covers that unroll, unfold, and lightweight ones that snap on. Our unbelievable selection is always stocked and ready for your order. If you're looking for low, wholesale pricing on a new tonnea cover shop with us!

Buying Guides

Tonneau Cover: How to Choose the Right Cover for Your Truck

Why You Need a Tonneau Cover

A lot of pickup truck owners think that a cargo bed is designed that way because it's supposed to be exposed. Well it's not-when not in use. The possibility of getting it quickly rusted depends on how often you travel with the bed uncovered especially when you don't have anything to put there. That's why you need to accessorize it with the right kind of tonneau cover. Otherwise, you'd eventually be disappointed by how quickly a cargo area turned into a bed of dust and rust. Aside from protection, this cover can also add a little bit of style. You can actually provide your ride that streamlined look without even spending a lot.

A Wise Pick

Now the big question is this: How do you choose the right tonneau cover for your vehicle? We are not talking about compatibility here-but durability. You see, there are a lot of brands out there that tell you the same value propositions, but only you can see if the tonneau cover is durable based on its product life. So everything still boils down to your shopping decision. If you don't want to feel bad about actually buying enticing words rather than the features, here are some of the things you MUST consider when buying a cover for your truck:

  • Shrink resistance ? A plastic material shrinks under a high temperature, and because tonneau covers are usually made from vinyl or fiberglass (which are also plastic), make sure that it's built to endure excessive heat.
  • Sturdiness ? There are different kinds of covers, which means that durability is based on what kind you're picking. If you're after maximum protection, you should choose a hard tonneau cover that's made from a sturdy fiberglass material. But if you prefer a quick access to your truck's bed, a soft roll-up cover will do; it's also one of the most economical options most stores can provide you.
  • Design ? It might surprise you, but a cover's durability is also based on its design. Strapped for cash? You can settle for roll-up covers that can provide your ride the average protection it needs. Folding and hinged covers are usually the great picks-they're designed for both functionality and durability. On the down side, access into the cargo area might need a little lifting if you're using a folding or hinged accessory, which is quite different when you're using a roll-up tonneau cover.

Your money's worth depends on how much you know about the product you're buying. So before you order a cover for your pickup truck, make sure you know what features you're looking for. Or else, you'll end up frustrated about picking the wrong product-it's a lot worse than getting ripped off.

Repair Guides

Keeping Your Tonneau Cover in Good Condition

Tonneau covers provide protection, but these can be pretty much vulnerable if you don't know how to properly keep them neat. So, make sure you spend some time doing regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure they last long.

Difficulty Level: Easy

What You'll Need:

  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Mild soap solution
  • White cotton towel
  • Dry sponge

Here are some of the dos when cleaning a cargo cover:

  • Do the work in your garage or under a shaded area ? Why? For a simple reason that some covers expand or contract when exposed to heat or sunlight.
  • Use a cool clean water and mild soap solution ? Because a tonneau cover is usually made from plastic, some harsh chemicals might cause damage.
  • Use a white cotton towel ? Plastic-made covers are easily scratched, so it would be advisable to wipe your tonneau cover with a soft cloth for a sure sleek and unscathed finish.
  • Wipe off excess soap or water using a sponge ? Using a dry sponge, carefully absorb the excess liquid in between seams.

What NOT TO Do

Knowing how to properly clean a tonneau cover doesn't give an assurance that it's safe from any kinds of damage. You don't want to shell out dollars for a replacement, do you? So here are some of the things you should avoid doing:

  • NEVER use an abrasive or rough cleaning pad ? Tonneau covers are made from sleek plastic material; just a simple scratch can leave that stylish cover ruined.
  • DON'T use harsh chemicals ? Dish washing liquids, bleaches, dry-cleaning solvents, and other strong cleaners might fade the cover's nice finish.
  • DON'T use hot water ? In the first place, there's no reason to use hot water when cleaning a tonneau cover-but some did! So to avoid plastic contraction, just make sure you don't hose down hot water on your truck's bed cover.

Your product's life also depends on how well you're taking care of it. No matter how great the features are, the cargo cover won't last if maintenance is not provided.

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