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            Tornado Products

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            Tornado: Parts and Systems for Power and Fuel Savings

            For vehicle owners, drivers, and car enthusiasts who would like to improve their fuel mileage and increase their horsepower, the Tornado Air is a good buy. Tornado Air offers innovative products like the fuel saver that change the way the air flows through the intakes of a vehicle's engine. It doesn't matter whether the engine uses a carburetor or fuel injection, or even if it uses diesel or gasoline. What it does is to create a swirling effect to enable the air to move faster and more efficiently, resembling a tornado.

            Based on a testing licensed by the EPA, this product is known to increase a vehicle's mileage by up to 28 percent, and boost the horsepower up to 13 hp. It comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Tornado Air is one of the car parts that are aimed at helping drivers to save on fuel without sacrificing performance. Its roster of satisfied clients includes the AutoZone, Department of Defense, NASA, and several city governments in the United States and around the word.

            Trusted air system

            The banner product of the Tornado brand is the Tornado Air System. It is compatible with most vehicles, except those with turbo charged or super charged engines, as well as vehicles with restricted access to air intake systems. Investing on a Tornado Air System ensures more mileage and better power. In addition, it is very easy to install with the guidance of the installation manual that comes with it.

            This product is backed by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee against manufacturer's defects. It might be a bit costly, but it is actually the least expensive upgrade that one can do to their vehicle's air intake and exhaust systems. This has been proven and tested by Air and Resources Board of the California Environmental Protection Agency. This product is also backed by a research and development laboratory in a major automotive manufacturer.

            Efficient fuel savers

            If the Tornado Air System is too big to handle, one can start with the Tornado Fuel Saver. It is a handy accessory that enables a vehicle to be more fuel efficient. All there's left to do is to install it, and one will notice the difference when it comes to fuel usage and mileage. The secret of this technology is adding efficiency to the combustion process with an enhanced fuel and air mixture.

            This product is easy to install; since it is simply inserted into the air intake hose. The fuel saver alters that passive flow of air that is moving inside the engine combustion chambers into a whirling, high-velocity vortex of air. This can already add a couple of miles per gallon to the capacity of the vehicle without any side effects on its power and performance. Installing it is very easy, just like the Tornado Air System.

            Classy carburetors

            Aside from the bestsellers Air System and the Fuel Saver, Tornado also offers carburetors that are made from industrial-grade stainless steel. Tornado has a wide array of carburetors for any type of vehicle. They can fit in air intakes that have at least 79 mm.

            Tornado Tornado Fuel Saver

            For Better Fuel Mileage and Increased Horsepower! Install the Tornado in the air-intake of your vehicle for better gas mileage and increased horsepower! The Tornado fuel saver is an automotive air channeling tool that creates a swirling air motion, allowing the air to move faster and more efficiently by whirling air around corners and bends. Imagine a mini-tornado on its side moving through the intakes of your automobile. It causes better fuel atomization, resulting in an increase of gas mileage anywhere from 7-24%. These figures are confirmed by road testing performed at an emission lab licensed by the EPA. Dyno testing shows 4-13 added horsepower as well! The Tornado is easy to install; 2-5 minutes usually, requires no maintenance and is an affordable addition to most passenger cars, light trucks and RVs on the road. How Does It Work? Tornado is a non-moving turbine shaped device, which creates a vortex or swirling effect to the engine. The result is improved airflow into your cars truck or SUV's engine, causing a better air and fuel ratio and a TORNADO FUEL SAVER will work in either a carbureted or electronic fuel injected engine. With increased gas mileage of up to 24 percent, Tornado pays for itself in a short time. Simple to Install the TORNADO gas saver is a user-friendly product, that typically can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

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