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            Toyota Parts and Accessories

            We have 47,121 Items for Toyota In-stock.

            About Toyota

            Toyota: You Asked for It! You Got It!

            Affordable, reliable, and practical; these are the qualities that people look for in a vehicle. Following the concepts of "kaizen"(continuous development) and "genchi genbutsu"(solving problems at the source instead of behind desks), Toyota listened and saw what the consumers wanted: innovative technology. Toyota leads the forefront of green technology with its Prius, currently ranked third place as the world's best-selling car. With global sales up of to 125 percent, the Toyota Prius is the top choice of consumers for its technology and practicality.

            PHV: Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle

            A hundred years after Ferdinand Porche developed the Lohner-Porche Mixte Hybrid, Toyota opened the doors to a new era in automobile development with the introduction of the Prius. As of April 2012, the Toyota Prius has sold around 4 million units worldwide. With the introduction of the Prius Plug-in Hybrid, Toyota wants to continue its lead in the automobile hybrid market. The Prius Plug-in Hybrid is equipped with 4.4 kWh lithium-ion batteries that increases its Hybrid Synergy Drive's all-electric range compared to the Toyota Prius. This plug-in hybrid vehicle also earned the 2010 Urban Green Vehicle Award for its attainability, style, and practicality.

            HSD: Hybrid Synergy Drive

            The Lexus LS 600hL, Yaris, Highlander Hybrid, and Prius are some of Toyota's cars using the HSD or Hybrid Synergy Drive technology. It may sound an engine from a science fiction movie, but Toyota made this technology possible. The hybrid synergy drive is designed with a drive-by-wire system, which uses electromechanical system instead of a standard geared transmission. This optimizes the gear ratio needed at any given speed, and stores more power into the vehicle's batteries. The hybrid synergy drive also features regenerative braking which simulates the deceleration of normal engine braking while saving the power for future boost.

            IPAS: Intelligent Parking Assist System

            Toyota developed another technology we thought could never exist: the Intelligent Parking Assist System or IPAS. The driver can use its in-dash screen and button controls to let the vehicle steer itself into a parking space. An IPAS is connected to a backup camera and various sensors that help the vehicle parallel or reverse park with ease. The vehicle's computer will alert its driver if it's already parked. Toyota first installed the IPAS on the first generation Prius and Toyota plans to install the system on its future car models.

            Toyota continues to develop technologies that are energy-efficient, and can adapt to the consumers' needs. It wants to be part of the clean-technology solution for minimizing our society's carbon footprint for the next 100 years.

            Toyota Highlights

            Toyota's Way of Moving Forward

            Kiichiro Toyoda's vision was to produce cars that were practical and stylish--and everyone loved it. He introduced the Model AA to the public in 1936, which was 400 yen cheaper than anything Ford or GM could put out. Mr. Toyoda's ingenuity and passion for continuous improvement led him to establish the Toyota Motors Corporation, which has manufactured its 200 millionth vehicle as of July 2012.

            Despite all of the controversies and vehicle recalls that hit Toyota, it's still the ninth largest company in the world based on its revenue. The company believes in a set of tried and tested principles known as "The Toyota Way". This is Toyota's motivation and guide to keep moving forward. As of 2010, it is the world's largest automobile manufacturer in terms of production.

            Creating an EV Future

            Toyota has entered a joint venture with Tesla Motors to develop cost-effective electric vehicles. They plan to unveil the second generation Toyota RAV4 EV, designed with an electric motor capable of churning out 154 hp and 273 lb-ft of torque. Its battery, when fully charged, can drive up to a 100 miles. This is the future of automobiles and Toyota wants to be at the forefront of technology.

            Driving the Road to a Greener Future

            The Toyota Prius is the world's third best-selling car as of May 2012. It's one of Toyota's most notable electric hybrid vehicles, next to the RAV4 EV. Toyota hopes to create greener technology for its next generation of EVs (Electric Vehicle). BMW and Toyota have recently entered an agreement to research and develop a new EV and sports car. Their aim is to produce affordable and high-quality vehicles for the mass market.

            Moving Towards Environmental Sustainability

            Toyota's reprioritization towards becoming more environmentally sustainable has lead them to be the number one Global Green Brand in the year 2012. Interbrand, one of the world's leading brand consulting firms, awarded the top spot to Toyota for performing well on two key areas: sustainability performance and sustainability perception. Environmental sustainability is deeply ingrained in Toyota's culture, and it made them the clear leaders of the clean-vehicle trend. Through key partnerships, strategic campaigns, advanced eco-vehicle development, and innovation, Toyota continues to look ahead to a greener future.

            Toyota Trivia

            Cool Toyota Trivia

            • In 1997, Toyota introduced the Prius, the first hybrid electric vehicle to be mass-produced. It ran at 52 miles per US gallon on city driving and 45 miles per US gallon on highway driving.
            • The new worldwide logo of Toyota was introduced during the automaker's 50th anniversary celebration. It features three ovals combining to form the letter "T."
            • In the Toyota logo, the two overlapping perpendicular ovals forming the letter "T" represents the mutually beneficial relationship and trust placed between Toyota and its customers.
            • A larger oval surrounding the two ovals in the Toyota logo represent the company's vision to globally expand its technology and the unlimited potential for the future.
            • If you've seen Toyota parts for sewing machines, don't laugh. They're neither bogus components nor practical joke props. See, even before Toyota started manufacturing cars, it was manufacturing looms-yes, they weren't even sewing machines at that time yet. The company existed then as the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. Toyota only ventured into the automotive industry when the demand for its looms started waning. Thus, Kiichiro Toyota, the founder's son, went to America and Europe and Toyotas in the 1930s to learn about automobile production. He brought home his knowledge and started what would be known as the Toyota Motor Company.Today, Toyota vehicles are known for their quality and innovation, while Toyota parts and accessories are sought-after for their availability and affordability. These make all those Toyota jokes laughable instead of funny. (One example being that Toyota supposedly stands for "This One You Oughta Tow Away.") In fact, Toyota is one of the top car manufacturers in the world today in terms of sales. And because of that, we stacked up our shelves with all the Toyota parts and Toyota accessories you would probably need for your ride. Not that we're saying Toyota auto parts require to be replaced only after a short time. It's just that like almost anything, your vehicle's parts will wear out sooner or later.Now, whatever Toyota parts you are looking for-from bumpers and headlights to filters and mirrors-you can be confident that we have them in stock. However, if you're after Toyota accessories-may they be carpet kits, seat covers, floor mats, or door handles-you can rest assured that our shelves are overflowing with them. Just like Toyota, Auto Parts Warehouse is also all about quality and affordability. That's why we insisted on carrying only the top brands like Bosch, Centric, Auto Ventshade, EBC Brakes, and Beck Arnley, just to name a few. Plus, we offer them all with a low price guarantee; just tell us if any other site is selling them at lower rates and we'll be more than happy to give you an exclusive discount deal so you'd get the parts you want at the lowest prices possible. What's more, if your purchase amounts to above $50, we'll waive the shipping cost and make delivery free! Auto Parts Warehouse accepts all major credit cards and payment services. Now don't just loiter around-place that order at our store today!