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Turn Signal Switch

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Turn Signal Switch Products

In one way or another, auto lights are activated by a lever or a switch. Some of them need to be activated manually while others are activated through the natural mechanical process. Your car's turn signal lights, for example, are activated when you set off the Turn Signal Switch. It's typically found in your car's steering column and connected to a lever that can be moved in three positions-neutral, right, and left. The turn signals light up accordingly when this lever is turned either to the left or right position. As you can see, the switch and the lever work hand in hand to ensure that you're able to make the accurate signals for other drivers to see. A damaged switch can make a big impact on your road safety. Don't even attempt driving at night or in the rain if your turn signals aren't working properly just because you have a bad Turn Signal Switch. It can lead to dreadful accidents that may cost not just your car but your life. As such, replace a damaged switch as soon as possible! Finding a high-quality replacement isn't difficult as long as you make Auto Parts Warehouse your shopping partner. Our offerings are carefully arranged in our online catalog, so you'll have an easy time locating the exact part you need. Once you order, we'll guarantee to deliver your items in no time. Shop here now!

Repair Guides

Avoid Safety Hazards: Replace Your Turn Signal Switch

The turn signal switch activates the signal lights at the rear and front of your vehicle. If the turn signal switch is not working, you might cause accidents and get traffic violation tickets. Fortunately, replacing a faulty turn signal switch is easy. This guide will teach you how you can do it at home.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools required:

  • New turn signal switch
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Ratchet and socket

Step 1. Open your car's hood after making sure that your car is parked in a secure place. Then, disconnect the negative or black battery cable.

Step 2. Remove the lower cover of the dashboard underneath the steering column. Do this with your Phillips screwdriver or ratchet and socket.

Step 3. Using your ratchet and socket, remove the knee bolster under the steering column.

Step 4. So you can remove the upper steering column cover, loosen the bolts attaching the steering column to the support bracket with your ratchet and socket. In some vehicles, the upper cover can be removed once the lower steering column is removed.

Step 5. Loosen the turn signal switch mounting screws with your Phillips screwdriver. Afterwards, unplug the electrical connector switch, and remove the switch from the vehicle. If there are no mounting screws, just pull the switch lever to remove it.

Step 6. Once the switch has been disconnected and removed, replace it with the new switch. Connect the wires and electrical connector in the same way the old switch was connected. If you pulled the switch lever to remove the switch, put it back.

Step 7. Attach the upper cover of the steering column once again, and secure the mounting bolts of the column bracket. Then, install the lower cover and knee bolster back underneath the steering column.

Step 8. Connect the black or negative battery cable, and test your new turn signal switch.

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