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Turn Signal Light

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Turn Signal Light Products

Using hand signals is one of the things you can do to indicate your intentions while you're driving. However, extending your hand out of your vehicle's window isn't practical and safe. Not only will motorists find it hard to read these signals, you also surrender complete control of your steering wheel by taking one hand off it. So to make things less complicated, equipping your vehicle with a working Turn Signal Light is the key. Located at the four corners of your vehicle this component enables you to signal your intentions to other motorists. So whether you're about to make a turn or change lanes, you won't be forced to stick your hand out just to signal your intention. This also alerts the other drivers of what you're about to do, giving them enough time to react to what you're about to do. Now thanks to today's technology, numerous developments have come up that has helped enhance the features of this component. Once of these enhancements is by having these lights installed in the vehicle's side mirrors. This gives other drivers a better view of your turn signals so they can easily make the necessary adjustments. . Finally, to make installation easy to do, this component is designed to match the specifications of most vehicle makes and models. The Turn Signal Light is your tool for safety whenever you want to make a turn or change lanes. So if you want to drop the use of hand signals, be sure to get this component at Auto Parts Warehouse now.

Buying Guides

Turn Signal Lights: How to Select the Right One

Communicating with fellow drivers on the road is made possible through the vehicle's signal lights. Telling the cars around you that you'll do a wide right turn is as easy as pressing the right turn signal button. Because of their essential role in promoting road traffic safety, choosing the appropriate turn signal lights requires adequate assessment.

LED light vs. Incandescent bulb

Before, when choosing lights for your vehicle's turn signal lights, the variations available were only for the areas you intend to use it on. With innovations in technology, more options became available to auto owners. One of which is the LED light bulbs. To help you decide which side to take, LED or incandescent, here's a quick contrast and comparison of the two.

Life span, heat generation, and endurance

Incandescent light bulbs can last up to 10,000 hours on normal usage while LED light bulbs can be used for more than 60,000 hours. In a 60,000-hour usage, around 60 incandescent light bulbs must be used while only 1 LED light bulb is needed. Since incandescent light bulbs use heat to generate light, they are more prone to bursting after long continuous usage, unlike LED light bulbs which generates very little heat and can stretch for long hours without breaking.

Aesthetics and durability

Aside from protecting your vehicle against road traffic accidents, LED signal lights also improve your vehicle's appearance. LED, which stands for light-emitting diode, is a solid semi-conductor device, designed to emit light. At night, LED signal lights give out a more precise light compared to its predecessor, the regular incandescent light bulbs. LED turn signal lights don't have filaments unlike the standard incandescent light bulbs. This enables them to endure rough road conditions better than the standard light bulbs.

Value for your money

Standard incandescent light bulbs cost less than $10 each while LED light bulb prices start at $61.99 each. Though they are more expensive compared to incandescent ones, LED light bulbs are more energy-efficient. They consume less electricity in a 60,000-hour time period ? only 78,000 kWh in contrast to incandescent's 36,000,000 kWh. Aside from saving bucks in replacements and electricity, LED light bulbs come with a 1-year warranty depending on your choice of auto parts store.

When choosing your turn signal lights, make sure that you match the light bulb color to your vehicle's turn signal light lens. Also take note that your automotive lens can reduce the light coming from the bulb, especially in LED light bulbs.

Repair Guides

Turn Signal Lights: How to Replace Them

Keeping you and your passengers safe from dangerous road traffic is one of the turn signal light's job. These signal lights are sturdy enough to withstand different weather conditions and produce the needed light. In case one of your turn signal lights break or burn out, you can easily replace it with a new one.

Follow these few instructions on replacing your turn signal lights:

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools to be used:

  • Replacement light bulb
  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Place the ignition key into the "on" position to start your vehicle's engine. Activate your turn signal switch and observe which of the lights is burned out or damaged.

Step 2: Turn the steering wheel the opposite direction of the damaged light bulb. In essence, turning the steering wheel to the right simply means that your left turn signal light is the one that's broken. This allows you to access the fender and the turn signal assembly easily, since the wheel is out of the way.

Step 3: Turn your engine off. Move under the front fender of your vehicle. Remove the screws from the wheel well cover using a Phillips screwdriver. Take out the wheel well cover and set it aside.

Step 4: Access the signal light bulb by sticking your hand into the wheel well and locating it. Turn the light bulb to the left and unbolt it from the turn signal assembly. Then, detach the light bulb. Be extra careful when removing the old light bulbs out. They may get brittle enough to shatter as you pull them out.

Step 5: Get your new signal light bulb. Secure it into place by screwing it with your hands. Make sure that they are fitted tightly in the bulb socket.

Step 6: Replace the wheel well cover and screw it into place with a Phillips screwdriver. Do the same procedure for the other damaged signal lights.

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