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            Valvoline: Providing Quality Lubricants for Over 150 Years

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            For over 150 years, Valvoline has proven itself to be one of the most reliable sources of performance motor oil and quality automotive lubricants. It has been at the forefront of motor oil technology, setting the standards in the industry. And as vehicles evolve, Valvoline continues to innovate and provide the most essential fluids to the vehicle's powerhouse and most dynamic systems. The Valvoline legacy all started when Dr. John Ellis created a petroleum-based lubricant for a steam engine. From there, the company has formulated different types of motor oil, cleaners, and lubricants to meet the changing automotive needs. Mass-produced Model Ts in 1920 actually run on Valvoline motor oil when they rolled out of the assembly line. Since then, Valvoline have become a top choice for automotive fluids. It has launched revolutionary products in the market, from the X-18 motor oil in 1939 to the MaxLife high-mileage motor oil in 2000.

            The motor oil brand has used all resources available to formulate high-performing motor oil and lubricants, even employing cutting-edge engine test technologies. The company conducts the required gasoline tests for the current APIR and ILSAC gasoline in its own in-house test lab at Ashland, Kentucky, cutting no corners when it comes to quality. For more than 100 years, Valvoline products have catered to foremost vehicle requirements, maximizing performance and extending the life of vehicles.

            Performance motor oil, grease, and gear oil

            Valvoline doesn't cease to innovate and isn't afraid to reinvent, creating some of the best motor oil formula in the market, be it for racing, high-mileage vehicles, or street use. It gets driving machines rolling smoothly on the road while taking care of their engine. It doesn't just stick to the given formula but searches for the finest base oil to create a well-performing lubricant. Valvoline offers different types of motor oil, from fully synthetics (High Mileage with MaxLife Technology and SynPower) to synthetic blends (MaxLife) and the regular variety (Premium Conventional), which offer varying degrees of protection, fuel economy and horsepower, cleanliness, and other benefits. Valvoline has also launched a series of premium racing oil and lubricants known as Pro-V Racing products and also offer gear oil and grease for various applications. These formulations have been rigorously tested in the lab to ensure maximum performance.

            Specially formulated antifreeze

            Valvoline hasn't only established itself as a premium source of motor oil. It has also worked on providing the vehicle's most essential fluid including the antifreeze. Antifreeze solutions from Valvoline are scientifically formulated and tested. These are designed for maximum engine cooling efficiency. They're formulated not just to keep the vehicle running cool but to also ensure that the engine will run smoothly. Some coolant types are even made nitrite-free and are designed for the protection of high-mileage vehicles. Different antifreeze solutions are recommended for specific applications and vehicles and have gained the approval of well-known automakers.

            Efficient A/T fluid

            Proper lubrication of different auto systems is something Valvoline knows too well after spending a good number years creating the best solutions and perfecting some formula. A trusted source of vehicle lubricants, Valvoline is also considered a top choice for automatic transmission fluid. A/T products are designed to match specific manufacturer specifications. The fluid is formulated to prevent deposit buildup and contamination that may cause transmission breakdown. It also keeps the transmission working smoothly without overheating.

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