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            Vector Accessory Beverage Warmer

            Traveling for a long time is quite uncomfortable especially if it's a long way from the city. It is always best not to take the chance of leaving home without any food. It's a good thing that we have a beverage cooler/warmer so that your food stays the way you want it to. The Vector Accessory Beverage Warmer is very convenient. It features efficient supper cooling up to 40 degrees below ambient and heats approximately 120 degrees. You can place it anywhere from vehicle seats to tailgate or hatch for easy access without fear of your drinks spilling over. It plugs into any 12 volts power supply and you can take even put it outside of the car because it includes long power cord. It can heat up a bigger amount than just the thermos so it can accommodate enough beverages for the whole family. No worries about it overheating because it has an automatic shutoff protection for over warming. It is convenient to bring allow whether out camping, hiking or simply being with friends on your tailgate. No need to worry about washing or stains because the aluminum liner is easy to clean. Check it out now, and you would find it handy the next time you go on a trip.

            Vector Accessory Cables

            Cables are one, two or more wires or optical fibers that are bound together in a common protective jacket or sheath. The individual wires may be covered or insulated individually. The Vector Accessory Cables are used to turn your vehicles accessory outlet from 1 to 2 12 volt outlets. It is very convenient for the times that the actual electrical sockets are not available because you are not in your house. The cables that we carry are made durable and reliable that it is sure to help you out. The cables can be used for different appliances whether it is audio, video or computer. If you need accessory cable then check our online store and find the one that will fit your needs. Click on our online shopping store and avail of the great deals we offer. With our easy to navigate online selection, you get to find the cable that you need in no time at all. So, what are you waiting for? Order now and you will get your money's worth. Customer service personnel are available to assist you in any of your shopping concerns. Contact them for your questions and queries.

            Vector Accessory Charger

            Have you ever traveled with your children? Usually, kids tend to be active making them impatient in a confined space like your car. The toys and dolls and snacks can only do so much when your all your child wants to do is to play?with his PlayStation Portable or PSP. It's a good thing we have the Vector Accessory Charger which can give you an extended game play with a rechargeable battery pack. It has amplified speakers as well as ports for dual headphones making sure you and your child never miss the sound of it. It has its own intake fan and handles vent holes allowing cooling for the hands, especially for those extended plays. And, it has a DC adapter included just in case your PSP has a different voltage. Nothing can beat this accessory which can make traveling more fun when your child no longer appreciates being inside. It makes traveling easy for your children and less stressful for you. So, what are you waiting for? Check our one-stop auto parts store and get the premium quality Vector Accessory Charger or PSP Dock, all for affordable prices. Visit our online shopping store the next time you need a new accessory charger.

            Vector Accessory Flashlight

            There are two types of Vector Accessory Flashlight available from our online store, the rechargeable flashlight and the hand crank flashlight. Flashlights are very important and handy especially when you need to check something outside your car or under your car or when your battery has died on you. Flashlights are used when the electric light is not available. Before, flashlights had to maximize the use of batteries for its power. Nowadays, we have the rechargeable ones, which we can charge to the electric power when not in use ready for the next time that you need it. The Vector Rechargeable Flashlight is always charged and ready for use because you can plug it in any household outlet. In the dark, you can still find it because it features a glow in the dark Electroluminescent Night Light with an indicator red LED status indicator so you know when you need to charge it again. When you order this flashlight, you will also get the NiCad rechargeable batteries. We also carry Vector Brite Hand Crank Flashlight for backup power. This flashlight also features an AM/FM weather band scan radio so you can still get updates even with your car radio down.

            Vector Accessory Lamp

            Is your camping light not enough? You should have ordered from our online store the Vector Accessory Lamp where you have a lot of choices to choose from. We have the two designs for our Vector Rechargeable Indoor/Outdoor Lamp. One is a deluxe metal lantern type table lamp which has a two dimmer. And the other one we have is the cordless rechargeable lamp. It's not only functional but it's also beautiful which looks like a pagoda. It can light you up until six hours after just a single charge. When you order this, the rechargeable batteries are included with it. The other type is the Vector Sport Spot Lantern Combo which is a combination spotlight and lantern. One end has a big and powerful quartz halogen bulb for the spotlight and the other side has a twin tube 11-watt fluorescent bulb for the lantern. When you order this, the ac and dc charging adapters are included. Check out our reputable store and see for yourself the different functional lamps we have. The next time you go camping, the lights will no longer be a problem. Take advantage of our deals and get enhanced lighting in your vehicle .

            Vector Accessory Polisher

            The different elements like sun, dirt, wind and dust can make your car deteriorate in looks and value. It is important to keep your vehicle clean and shiny because it can give you a look that says it's well cared for. We have different cleaning devices and one of them is the waxer/polisher. The Vector Accessory Polisher is made from premium cloth because we know that a dirty cloth can give your car scratches that are uncalled for. There are different sizes available but the quality does not differ. Our waxer and polisher features smooth and even direct drive movements that creates a highly efficient vibration free operation that can make it last longer. It is high performing despite the quiet running motor. It imitates a hand polishing with less effort from you because all you need is power supply for the heavy duty cord that's included in the kit. It makes sure it doesn't leave any spots unclean with streaks, smears or swirls. The 4000 cycles per minute precise movement leaves your cars with an even finish that can make your car look more sleek. Order from us now and we'll even ship it to you free of charge.

            Vector Accessory Radio

            Accessories are add-ons to your car that can either enhance the looks or the luxury of your vehicle. Our reputable online store carries the different kinds of Vector Accessory Radio that can help you in case when you are traveling or camping. The Vector Storm Tracker is a TV, radio and a lantern all rolled into one. It has a small 5" monitor so you don't get to miss your favorite shows, although for now it's only black and white. The other members of the family can also listen to the music and news with the AM/FM weather band radio which also features an automatic storm alert warning so you're not caught unguarded. In cases that the power fails, you can use the dynamo power crank to give it the power it needs. The other radio we offer is the Vector AM/FM Weather Alert Radio and Flashlight which actually looks like a walkie talkie. It is cordless and rechargeable so you can take it anywhere and it also has a crank just in case the power fails. Your cell phone died on you? No worries as long as you have the radio because it has a cell phone charging port.

            Vector Accessory Sander

            There are times when you need to take care of some parts in your cars that are quite rough and can cause a bit of a bruise or cut. Even it out with the Vector Accessory Sander that's available in our online store. The sander that we carry is meant for those who are quite skilled already. If you do not know how to use it, it would be best to ask a professional to do it for you. The Vector Accessory Sander is a powerful sander that makes it easy to sand metal, fiberglass, body filler and wood. Our Vector Accessory Sander also includes 1 wool bonnet to make the finishing touches for the parts that you have sand. Rough spots can be gone in just a short while. So, order your sander from us now. We will guarantee that you will get it in no time. We also have other accessories that can enhance the functionality of your vehicle. Browse our online catalog and you can see all the other accessories we have available for your vehicle application. Don't take too long to decide. Enjoy the great deals we offer now. Online help is also available in case you have shopping concerns.

            Vector Accessory Socket System

            Are you in need of an extra plug into your 12V accessory outlet? You do not have to worry, because a Vector Accessory socket system will do that job for you! This splitter enables you to run any 12 VDC accessories. It features an adjustable three position plug for the perfect positioning of your accessory connections. Vector Accessory socket system has a specially designed 3 in one socket that can be simultaneously used. Not only that, it has a blue LED that lights up when you turn the power on; that way, you can easily see this gadget in the dark or during the night. It would not even take a huge amount of space on your car! This indispensable car accessory measures about 5 inches in width, 1.75 inches in height, and 7 inches in length. Plus, it can be installed easily in any part of your car?with minimum maintenance. You can use your Vector Accessory socket system for any 12 V accessories such as televisions, portable vacuums, power tools, cell phones, power inverters, radios, hands free car kits, DVD adapters, MP3 players, iPods, and a whole lot more! If you want an all-round power solution to your vehicle, then get a Vector Accessory socket system today!

            Vector Accessory Soldering Iron

            A good electrical connection would definitely result to a good performing vehicle. To achieve this, you need to have good mechanical connections by ensuring that all wires are connected to the terminal strips. A Vector Accessory Soldering iron would help you do that job. This car accessory is an electrically powered device that is used for applying a point source of heat to solder two materials together by melting solder. There are different kinds of soldering irons: some have cords while some have none. However, all soldering irons come with a stand to keep the hot iron in place. The soldering iron stand may feature a flux pot and a sponge for cleaning the tip. Just make sure that you get a soldering iron that has a suitable tip in it. Vector Accessory soldering iron has a nickel plated tip that roughly measures like a 1/8 inch stereo mini plug and a heavy duty 3 prong plug. Aside from that, the Vector Accessory soldering iron's anti roll handle features a ribbed design that provides you with an excellent fingertip control. It is also heat resistant; and its low wattage is ideal for difficult soldering for radios, circuit boards, speaker connections, and TV's.

            Vector Accessory Spotlight

            You will never be in the dark again once you own a precision engineered Vector Accessory spotlight. They have over 40 different technologically advanced rechargeable spotlights that are available to provide maximum durability and performance. Some of these are the Vector Elite Sport Rechargeable Power spotlight, Vector 10,000,000 power series SPORT SPOT Rechargeable spotlight, Rechargeable air inflator spotlight, Vector VEC138Y 2 million candle power rechargeable spotlight, Vector 3 mill candle power black and Decker spotlight?and a whole lot more! They have different features, but every Vector accessory spotlight provides up to 10 times the power of your car headlight! It features a unique ON/OFF locking trigger that keeps it from having a battery rundown when not in use. With its high intensity quartz halogen bulb construction, you can be sure that it will deliver a more focused and tight beam. A fully charged Vector Accessory spotlight can provide you with light for up to 30 minutes cordless operation. When you buy a Vector accessory spotlight, you will receive a complete set of 120 volt AC charging adapters, built-in AC charger, exclusive Smart dimmer control, built in work stands, cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) secondary area lights, LED battery status indicator, and a contoured rubber grip.

            Vector Accessory Vacuum

            Cleaning the corners and tight crevices around your car trunk, seats, and dashboards can be a real chore when you do not have the right tools for the job. Now, you can say goodbye to the tight hugging dirt on those hard to reach areas of your car. Vector Accessory vacuum is your all-around solution to those dust, dirt and debris! It is great for cleaning muddy floor mats, upholstery, or filthy carpets. All you have to do is to follow some easy steps: Just plug it into your vehicle's 12 Volt DC cigarette lighters; and you are on your way to having a spotless interior. Vector Accessory vacuum has a 6 inch twin motor roller brush that is perfect for picking up those fibers and pet hairs from your car upholstery. It is also easy to carry, because it only weighs less than 3 pounds. That way, you will never get fatigued in cleaning your car. You do not have to worry about power run out when reaching those hard to reach areas, because Vector Accessory vacuum has an extra long power cord. For quick clean ups on your precious vehicle, invest on a highly durable Vector Accessory vacuum?your superior car cleaning device!

            Vector Accessory Worklight

            Have you experienced being stuck on the side of the road without a flashlight? It would not be good enough in trying to fix a tire by the light of passing cars, wouldn't it? You will definitely love a highly durable Vector Accessory Worklight. It can be a dependable area lighting when you need it?anytime and anywhere! Vector Accessory Worklight is water resistant and shatter-proof, so you can be sure of its heavy duty construction. They are designed to be portable and practical to light up your work area effectively without causing too much clutter. There are different Vector worklights to choose from. To activate your Vector accessory worklight, all you have to do is to clip it directly to your car battery or plug it into any 12 volt DC accessory outlet. Some rechargeable models can be used with or without a cord; and includes LED lights and high power halogen bulbs. Get the ultimate freedom in using your Vector accessory worklight, because it can extend for up to 7 hours of continuous use in cordless or corded application. They are portable and lightweight, and they feature a convenient hanging hook, so you can just hang them up anywhere!

            Vector Battery Charger

            Are you looking for a fast, safe, and efficient battery charger? Then why not invest on a Vector battery charger? You can never go wrong with a Vector product, because Vector Products, Inc. has led the portable power market with superior quality, breakthrough innovation, and cutting edge technology for 10 years. They have more than 200 products on the market, and one of which is the Vector battery charger. This product can charge your car batteries for up to 2 times faster than conventional linear chargers. This is because they have been equipped with a state-of-the-art microprocessor technology. Not only that, some of their patented features include the alternator voltage check and the true engine start to verify whether the output of your alternator is within the typical voltage range. Every stage of the charging process is monitored by its exclusive digital LED display digital controls that are fully automatic?so you can get a 100% output rate. You do not have to worry about the danger of reverse hook ups, short circuiting and sparking, because every Vector battery charger has built in safety features. When your battery gets fully charged, this battery charger that automatically shuts off your battery would not be overcharged or overheated.

            Vector Battery Clips

            If your car does not have a cigarette lighter or socket, then get that power directly from your car battery. Clip on that power by using reliable and highly durable Vector battery clips. These car battery accessories are usually of plastic or brass construction. A typical battery clip has a 12 inch of 18 gauge wire with 50 Amp. It can fit any 9-12V battery and battery holders. Some Vector battery clips looks like crocodile clips. Crocodile clips are one of the most common types of battery clip that has no screw contact and cover. Some insulated battery clips can be folded down to increase the strength of the joint. This type of battery clip can grip the insulation of the cable because they have lugs and a solder contact. When connecting them to the battery, simply clip the black wire to the negative terminal and the red wire to the positive terminal. When you buy a set of Vector battery clips, you will receive a box that contains two pairs of 10-Amp car battery clips. Each pair of Vector battery clip measures 2 and ? inches long and has a red and black clip that can open up to a maximum of 7/8 inches.

            Vector Extension Cable

            Powering all those portable electronics devices like laptop computers, DVD players, video games, and cell phones can increase your comfort and enjoyment when driving your car. If they can be powered by a 12 volt battery source, you can just plug them on your car's cigarette lighter socket. However, you might need to extend the range of your cigarette lighter socket or accessory outlet. Do not worry, because a Vector extension cable can solve your problem! This car accessory is a type of extension lead that can provide you with another 15 feet of wiring. One end of this car accessory is fitted to your car's cigarette lighter socket, while the other end can accept a cigarette lighter type of plug. Now, you can allow greater flexibility in positioning all your portable devices inside or near your vehicle. Aside from that, it comes with a 20 amp fuse and a heavy duty 12-volt DC, so you can be sure that you get all the power that you need. With a reliable Vector extension cable, you can be sure that you get the same benefits of your cigarette lighter sockets?voltage meters, variable DC power supplies, simple extensions and a lot more!

            Vector FM Transmitter

            Are you a sound geek? You may want to listen to your MP3, but your car does not have a line input or a line deck. Another option is you can pop on your headphones?but it is not allowed when you are driving. You can affix a set of portable speakers?but it can get very bulky. If you have got these problems, then a Vector FM transmitter may just be the right car accessory for you. You can use this to listen to your MP3 player over your car stereo as long as you have a working FM radio. A Vector FM transmitter can be easily plugged straight into the cigarette lighter/DC power outlet of your car. That means you will never be in need of batteries to keep it working! Anything that has a 1/8 audio output jack like your CD player, DVD player, and iPod can be bolted on this amazing car accessory. A backlit LCD underneath the power button of a Vector FM transmitter can display for up to 12 FM frequencies. If you want to surf channels, its easy to navigate FM selector would allow you to choose from lower and higher FM frequencies.

            Vector Portable Power Supply

            Are you looking for a powerful, versatile, and portable source of electricity? Then investing on a highly durable Vector portable power supply might please you. This car accessory is just one of the many jump-start systems being manufactured by Vector Products, Inc.?a renowned producer of highly engineered car accessories worldwide. You will never need an additional power boost from another power source, because a Vector portable power supply would provide you with an instant engine start on your car battery because of its combined portability and power?anytime! They are equipped with high density batteries that can be recharged over and over again. This cordless product is available in 300 amp and 450 amp ratings, whichever you think would be best for your car. Aside from that, the Vector portable power supply has been engineered with multiple technological and safety features. Some of these include the battery status display, Smart control that can be used for automatic power polarity warning alarm, heavy duty clamps and cables, self resetting circuit breaker, and built-in emergency worklight. You can also position the Vector portable power supply anywhere you find most convenient, because its heavy duty welders type cable can stretch for up to 26 inches long.

            Vector Power Inverter

            Get an instant AC power in your precious vehicle with the use of a Vector power inverter. This state of the art inverter can provide you with solutions to a wide range of applications. Vector power inverter models range from 100 to 3000 watts, so you can choose whatever is perfect for your car needs. It is not included in the standard equipment of your car, because your car is normally powered with a DC voltage. Having a reliable power inverter would allow you to use some of your electrical gadgets that need an AC power supply. Small power inverters that draw 150 to 180 watts can be connected into the cigarette lighter socket of your car. On the other hand, if you would be using larger power inverters, you must have it hard-wired directly to your car's battery. That way, it can draw as much as 500 or more watts of electrical power. You can never go wrong with a Vector power inverter, because they have been designed and engineered for durability, safety, and reliability. So plug a Vector power inverter to your accessory socket or car battery now, and get instant power access to your AC powered gadgets!

            Vector Power Inverter Cables

            A power inverter converts your car battery's DC power into a conventional AC power that you can use to operate all kinds of AC powered devices like radios, TV's, power tools and a lot more. Just plug it into your car's cigarette lighter socket or accessory socket, and you can get the portable power that you need?anytime and anywhere. However, your power inverter would not be able to perform its intended function without an inverter cable. If you need one, you can always trust on Vector products, Inc. Vector power inverter cables are braided copper cables that have been color coded. They come with fuses and a terminal block that are fitted with eye connectors. When looking for an inverter cable, you must ensure that it matches the power output of your power inverter?and Vector power inverters can provide you with that! Every Vector power inverter cable can supply up to 750 to 3000 watts of power to match your power inverters. You can easily replace them if they get physically damaged or corroded. Just buy a new one and securely attach it to your Vector power inverter?and get that perfect contact point for wiring your AC power to your electronic gadgets!

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