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            Victor Reinz: The Most Trusted Brand in Innovative Sealing Technology

            Hugo Reinz disrupted the automotive industry in 1920 when he started a company focusing on railway and industrial products. Shortly after starting out his business, Reinz was able to produce his own brand of flat gaskets. Since then, Reinz became synonymous to effective sealing. The innovative flat gaskets that Reinz's company produced were mainly used by the growing airplane motor industry, but apart from that, there were other companies from the motor vehicle sector that tried out Reinz's products. Eventually, the business grew larger until it became the successful global brand that it is today.

            It was in 1993 when Dana Corporation, one of the largest component manufacturers for automobile and commercial vehicles, partnered with Hugo Reinz to form the innovative gasket brand that we know today as “Victor Reinz.” Victor Reinz had revolutionized the sealing industry when it introduced its innovative multi-layer steel technology. This breakthrough innovation improved the quality of gasket heads by replacing the traditional soft gasket materials for sealing cylinder heads.

            The new multi-layer steel technology consists of several layers of steel that are partially embossed and coated with elastomer to increase surface pressure. This revolutionary development shows why Victor Reinz is considered as a leading brand in sealing technology. With its impressive lineup of high-quality sealing products, this company guarantees that it does not only meet but exceed the high standards of original equipment manufacturers. Victor Reinz caters to almost all models of vehicles worldwide, so the reach of its innovative sealing solutions is wide in scope and deep in influence.

            Innovative cylinder head gaskets

            The cylinder head gasket is an important part of a motor vehicle because it is responsible for forming the seal between the cylinder head and the engine block. A good cylinder head gasket is expected to withstand the harsh combustion process. After all, its job is to protect the rest of the engine parts from intense heat and pressure. Victor Reinz knows its own cylinder head gaskets by heart since it has spent years in innovating its products. Today, the company uses multi-layer steel technology to craft each cylinder head gasket. This ensures the gaskets' increased torque and performance while promoting decreased consumptions and emissions.

            Durable cylinder head bolts

            A cylinder gasket system will not be complete without the cylinder head bolts to act as fasteners. Victor Reinz cylinder head bolts are made from high-grade steel for a secure and releasable joint. Each cylinder bolt is specifically crafted to withstand corrosion and endure the toughest conditions. It is a perfect match to Victor Reinz's own head gaskets sets and is guaranteed to provide reliable and tight joints for any vehicle specification.

            Reliable gasket sealants

            Gasket sealants help in the installation and removal of cylinder head gasket components. Assembling a new gasket system requires new gasket components, so it is important to remove the old ones and secure the new ones in their proper places. Victor Reinz offers a reliable set of gasket sealants to make the installation and removal of gasket parts a lot easier. The gasket sealant is made from permanent elastic materials that can be used for flat surfaces with a sealing gap and highly-stressed sealing joints. Victor Reinz also offers sealant removers that are highly effective in removing gaskets, gasket remnants, and sealing compounds.

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