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About Volkswagen

Volkswagen's Strength through Joy

The Beetle or the "People's Car" was created to address the trends and social conditions of the late 1930's. At that time, the Beetle was the first automobile to be designed with the aid of a wind tunnel and it was powered by an air-cooled, flat-four, rear-mounted engine. Because of the Beetle, Volkswagen gained a reputation for building high quality and innovative cars. It continues to develop mobility to match the challenges of tomorrow. From more powerful engines to a more comfortable travel, Volkswagen's goal is to bring a more eco-friendly technologies to shape the future.

DSG: Direct-Shift Gearbox

Working as one unit, the direct-shift gearbox is two separate manual gearboxes and clutches enclosed in a unit. The DSG has faster shift times by using two independent clutches and, the driving power isn't interrupted. This type of drive technology offers the comfort and convenience of an automatic transmission, with the fuel efficiency and sporty feel of a manual gearbox.

TSI: Turbo Stratified Injection

Volkswagen designed this engine which combines a turbocharger and a supercharger to produce 170 bhp (brake horsepower) and consumes 7.2 liter/100 kilometers. The TSI has high torque from low revs, a lot of pulling power, and has low fuel consumption. Pair with the direct-shift gearbox; it satisfies by maximizing driving experience.

ESP: Electronic Stabilization Program

This technological milestone was developed by Volkswagen to detect critical driving situations at its early stages. The ESP is linked to the EDL (electronic differential lock), EBC (engine brake control), and ABS (anti-lock braking system). It uses sensors to monitor the vehicle's wheels as they start to slip. The ESP reduces the engine's power and engages the brakes to one or more wheels to regain control of the vehicle before the wheels lose their grip.

Driver Assistance Systems:

Volkswagen is developing driver assistance systems to achieve an accident-free driving experience. Some of these driver assistance systems are: the Automatic Distance Control (ACC), Proactive Occupant Protection System, and the Front Assist ambient traffic monitoring system. They all work together with the ESP to detect critical situations that are potential accidents. It makes a driver's task more comfortable and convenient.

Volkswagen gets its strength from the joy it brings to each of their customers. It will continue to research innovative and sustainable technologies to keep up with the times and help develop affordable mobility for the future.

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Volkswagen Highlights

Volkswagen Goes Up with the Up!

The Beetle is a car that endured time because of its craftsmanship and technology. Volkswagen's engineers once again put their ideas into motion to make our lives better, enjoyable, and more practical with the Up! It's designed to be a city specialist, family car, and weekend getaway vehicle. The VW Up features intuitive functionality, clear lines, and innovative technology that is set to move the next generation of car enthusiasts.

Small is the New Big

Measuring 3,540mm long, 1,640mm wide, and 1480mm high, the Volkswagen Up's interior is spacious enough to rival any larger vehicle. It also offers a 251-liter luggage space that can be extended to 951 liters of additional space. With its adjustable passenger seats, the Up offers maximum space and convenience, when you need it.

Powered for the Urban Jungle

Weighing just less than 850 kilograms, the Up can maneuver through the gnarly urban traffic with ease. Powered by a 12-valve straight-three engine, it only consumes 4.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers and emits only 105 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. Its 5-speed manual transmission is fast and responsive, making it a perfect vehicle for the urban commuter.

Small but Safe

The Volkswagen Up's high-strength steel chassis construct gives the passengers a feeling of security. Front and side airbags for the driver and passengers offer all-around protection. Child seats can be secures with ISOFIX brackets integrated in the back seat. The Up also has ESP, ABS and a CV sensor which automatically activates the brakes to prevent a collision.

The Volkswagen Up remains true to the Beetle's legacy of being a simple, yet fun car to drive. It can virtually fit into any parking space and it very fuel efficient. It goes to show that small things can bring a smile on your face.

Volkswagen Trivia

Facts about Volkswagen

  • Volkswagen loves to name its passenger cars after winds. Some examples are the Jetta (The Jetstream), Golf (Gulf Stream), and Passat (a significant trade wind).
  • The Bugatti Veyron, the world's fastest car, was actually designed and engineered by Volkswagen.
  • Volkwagen of America's famous Formula Super Vee produced some of the world's most famous Formula One drivers including Keke Rosberg, Nelson Piquet, Jochen Mass, and Niki Lauda.
  • If you remove the crankshaft and other heavy pieces of a Volkwagen air-cooled engine block, it weighs just about as much as common cardboard box.
  • You know that VW stands for Volkswagen. But there are running jokes that say those two letters are acronyms for phrases such as "very worrisome," "virtually worthless," and "very weird." Not that those jokes really stick to the latest Volkswagen vehicle models; however, it can't be denied that Volkswagen vehicles or the VW parts themselves passed through a stage when these alternative VW meanings were somehow a wee bit applicable to them. But then that's understandable. Early Volkswagen vehicles such as the Beetle type 1 (whose manufacturing only ceased in 2003, after 65 years of production) aimed to be as compact as possible, inevitably sacrificing other features of convenience.Well, even if your Volkswagen is already that old, it need not be very worrisome, virtually worthless, or very weird-as long as you properly maintain it and repair its worn Volkswagen parts immediately. Good thing, even if your Volkwagen was released in 1945, you won't have a hard time finding replacement VW parts for it. That's because Auto Parts Warehouse is here to help you. If you'd browse our online catalog, you'll see that we have thousands of Volkswagen parts and VW accessories in stock. We sourced them only from trusted manufacturers in the industry to make that you won't get any component that falls below industry standards. And because like any responsible car owner, we would never compromise the quality of our parts, we've lined up the top brands in the aftermarket industry for you. You can choose from reputable VW auto parts brands like Bosch, Accel, Anco, EBC Brakes, Beck Arnley, A1 Cardone, Febi, and more.Aside from quality, we also take pride on the affordability of our products. We offer VW auto parts online at reasonable and even highly discounted prices, which would allow you to repair or refurbish your Volkswagen without drying up your budget. But Auto Parts Warehouse doesn't stop there. To give you the best deals possible on this side of the web, we offer you a low price guarantee option on top of our budget-friendly prices. This would allow you to get any product at the lowest prices possible. Just go to our Low Price Guarantee page or talk to our customer service agents for more info on this offer. On top of all these benefits, you'll also get to enjoy an easy and convenient shopping experience with our user-friendly catalog. We also have your privacy and security in mind, so we've partnered with one of the leading online experts in data encryption and authentication; thus, you can rest assured you're secure when you shop with us. So, what are you waiting for? Save big by shopping at Auto Parts Warehouse today!