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            Wahler: A Trusted Provider of Temperature and Exhaust Gas Management Products

            With Wahler's commitment to quality, it has become one of the leading German manufacturers of temperature and exhaust gas management products, and a trusted supplier to European vehicle manufacturers. Wahler always ensures that its products meet high industry standards of developing and manufacturing temperature and exhaust gas management products.

            Through their reliable, straightforward and time-saving, problem-solving methods, Wahler was granted its first product patent, the "Thermostatic Regulation of the Coolant Circuit of Internal Combustion Engines" in 1928. Right after earning their first product patent, Wahler upgraded the equipment of its Research and Development department. Wahler also built their in-house bench dynometer for better research in the thermodynamics field. Their product catalog includes a thermostat, thermostat gasket, auxiliary fan switch, and more.

            Heavy-duty thermostats

            Maintaining a minimum operating temperature in your car's engine is one of the main responsibilities of a thermostat, the reason why it is prone to wear and damage. If you have a faulty thermostat, it will definitely make your engine warm up slowly. Also, the coolant might experience a difficult flow during high speed, and might cause overheating. It will not be able to efficiently regulate the amount of water that goes through the radiator. This is why Wahler created their reliable and heavy-duty thermostat that can withstand extreme road and weather conditions. All thermostats by Wahler are constructed using high-quality materials that will not easily get damaged and worn-out. Wahler's thermostats usually last longer than expected, but still it is recommended to have it replaced when your cooling system is being repaired or serviced – a preventive maintenance procedure per se. Wahler offers different types of thermostat for different vehicle requirements. With their wide array of thermostat option, their customers are sure to find one that will perfectly suit their vehicle's exact technical specifications.

            Durable thermostat gaskets

            Wahler is also a trusted manufacturer of thermostat gaskets. Typically, thermostat uses two gaskets to prevent any leaks from the thermostat housing. Just like the thermostat, the gasket will also deteriorate over time due the high heat of the coolant. The gasket will soon fail if the valve cover is leaking oil. It is important to regularly check your gaskets to prevent premature wear and tear. And investing in a durable thermostat gasket will absolutely make a huge difference. With Wahler's thermostat gaskets, their customers are guaranteed to experience better handling and driving performance. Wahler always ensures that its products meet the high standards of manufacturing high-quality thermostat gaskets. Their customers are sure to get an exact fit for their vehicle with their wide-ranging catalog.

            Reliable auxiliary fan switch

            Through Wahler's extensive research and development, they were able to create high-quality and durable parts, including their reliable auxiliary fan switches. Drivers often get frustrated every time their vehicle overheats, not considering if they are careful enough in maintaining their engine's working temperature. Preventing these types of problems are easy if drivers are going to upgrade their radiators. Pairing the radiator with an auxiliary fan switch is a top priority when a driver is experiencing these problems. Wahler's auxiliary fan switch will absolutely regulate the temperature under the hood, allowing the engine and other parts to remain their required operating temperature. The auxiliary fan switch by Wahler also works well with the AC system and makes the cooling process faster for both the radiator and the AC condenser. With the high-quality and desirable features of not just their auxiliary fan switch, but also their other products, simply prove that investing in Wahler's product line is truly worth the price.

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