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Walker: The Epitome of High-Quality Exhaust Products

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With a century of expertise to count on, Walker has continuously made customers loyal with its high-quality exhaust products and emission-control components. Believing that innovation drives performance and satisfied customers, it used its top-of-the-line engineering techniques to drive many firsts in the industry, including louvered-tube mufflers, chambered-tube mufflers, stainless steel mufflers, and aluminized exhaust products.

With its 24,000 employees and more than 80 manufacturing facilities spanning six continents, Walker just continues to be a competitive provider of OE products that serve several markets, including passenger cars, light trucks, commercial vehicles, locomotive, and recreational vehicles, among others. What's more, Walker is highly dedicated in satisfying its customers. In fact, it has 14 engineering centers worldwide along with 44 emission control and 32 ride control manufacturing facilities. This allows the company to bring products and technologies to the market faster.

Comprehensive selection of aftermarket mufflers

Walker offers one of the most complete lineups of aftermarket mufflers in the industry. Whether it is an OEM-compliant unit or a performance-grade one, Walker offers specialized mufflers that meet the various needs of its customers. The mufflers are made of either 100% aluminized steel or stainless steel components, offering a balance between maximum corrosion resistance and affordability. Certain muffler models are also designed to minimize and control the sound of the exhaust through louvered tubes inside the system. And when it comes to top-of-the-line performance, Walker's flagship models incorporate the latest in technologies including backfire-resistant spun-locked heads, extra-strong bridge construction and internal partitions, mechanically-joined internal tubes, and a built-in internal drainage system that prevents rust-forming condensation from collecting inside the muffler.

Efficient catalytic converters

Available in both direct-fit and universal versions, Walker offers catalytic converters that are compliant with EPA and CARB requirements. Walker's cats are loaded with the right amount of precious metals, the proper catalyst material and design, and a state-of-the-art washcoat, resulting in enhanced oxygen storage capacity and reduced emissions. Both versions also have a stainless steel body with structural bracing for enhanced strength and durability, and a heat-shielded pipe for additional protection against overheating.

State-of-the-art exhaust pipes and tubing

Walker also manufactures a complete line of direct-fit, OE-style exhaust pipes, including universal pipes, straight tubing, elbows, connectors, and flex pipes. All Walker pipes and tubing can be bolted onto the exhaust system similar to that of the factory, eliminating the hassle of drilling, cutting, and welding of exhaust pipes and the potential errors that might occur during the process. Made of high-quality steel alloys, each pipe is bent using precision bending machines and cut using a proprietary tube cutting process that eliminates burrs from the pipe edges.

However, where Walker really shines is in its cutting-edge Air Gap technology, wherein its exhaust pipes feature a double wall construction with a sizable gap in between. This promotes heat insulation, allows for faster converter light-off, and improved emissions control overall. The gap also eliminates jagged edges and the chance of the heat shield weld coming loose and rattling inside the pipe assembly. This technology is found in Walker exhaust pipes and tubing with heat shields, in integrated front pipes, or where the OE uses similar technology.

Walker Catalytic Converter

When it comes to your vehicle emission control, trust only the Walker Catalytic Converter. This product can provide your vehicle the best emission control that it deserves to perform. Aside from that, this product is proven to be effective and standardized. Clear and less toxic exhaust is guaranteed to be emitted out of your vehicle. Hence, with this product, your vehicle will not be one of the vehicles that add to the growing problem of air pollution. Harmful emissions from your vehicle are certainly converted to less noxious gases that keep the ambiance of our environment clear and fresh. This output that this product could provide is done by using the catalyst and oxidation process to produce the less toxic chemicals out of your vehicle. However, to keep this automotive equipment at its best shape, complying with its standard maintenance routine is essential. Take note that poorly maintained catalytic converter could wear quickly and could provide unsatisfactory performance for your vehicle system. As a result, your vehicle will emit low quality exhaust that could give hazardous element into the air. Likewise your gas mileage is affected. So whenever you have a damaged catalytic converter, immediately replace it with this product.

Walker Exhaust Pipe

A durable exhaust pipe is an important part of your vehicle's exhaust system. The point is, having tough exhaust pipe like the Walker Exhaust Pipe will keep the flow of your exhaust on the top line. In short, your vehicle's exhausts will certainly be eliminated with the help of this product. Take note that the absence of any form of exhaust in your vehicular system will definitely augment the performance of your vehicle. The speed and acceleration of your vehicle will increase. Hence, no matter how you apply great speed and tough driving style for your vehicle, as long as its mounted with this product you can always be confident while on the road. Aside from you can be assured that your vehicle's emitted exhaust is properly processes and converted to harmless gases. Now for your shopping convenience for you not to suffer from any form of distress as look for this product, you can shop on this online automotive part dealer. We've got large selection of this product categorized by vehicle's make, model and year.

Walker Header Pipe

Exhaust management is one of the vital processes that the emission system must perfectly do. Hence having the quality Walker Header Pipe is an important investment for your vehicle. Such product is designed to aid the entire exhaust system to let the backpressure flow during the process of elimination. It also affects the rush of the exhaust gases as it flows throughout the system. This is done with the support of the products construction. Mainly, this product is made out of stainless steel with rigid quality. Not only that, the product is also completed with enough resistance to withstand and resist any corrosive elements that could cause its early deterioration. Hence, longevity of service is assured. With such assurance, you'll enjoy most of your vehicle's tough performance, this is because the absence of draw backs on your vehicle will provide your vehicle the lofty acceleration you opt for your ride. Nowadays vehicle enthusiast and speed aficionados prefer to mount this product on their vehicle. So, get one now!

Walker Muffler

As an exhaust system's component, the muffler is responsible for eliminating annoying sound. The sound that this device eliminates is your ordinary exhaust sounds; it is a form of frequencies being produced during the vehicle's operation. Hence, installing the Walker Muffler on your vehicle is a great help on your vehicle's exhaust system. Take note, if you have a faulty muffler, you'll definitely have positive toxic smog as your vehicle undergoes emission testing. So for you to avoid such distress, it's a good decision if you install this product on your vehicle. Aside from that, if you'll simply ignore the installation of this device on your vehicle, you might even suffer hearing annoying sound from your vehicle as you drive around. On the other hand, some kinds of this product have a drawback such as production of engine backpressure. But with this product, backpressure is anticipated because it is engineered with enough capability not to produce too much backpressure in order for the header to handle such exhaust elements. To support the functionality of this device's task, it has been made out of stainless steel construction to expect longer service life.

Walker Tail Pipe

Walker Tail Pipe is an OEM replacement designed with contemporary method. This product is produced to utter modernized way of canceling and emitting your vehicle's exhaust. Typically, this device is used to aid the entire exhaust system from eliminating any form of exhaust that bombard and rob the engine's produced energy for the whole vehicular system. Therefore with the use of this product, handling your vehicle's exhaust is easier. Without this passage way where the exhaust flows, toxic gases will be stocked within your vehicle and will contribute too much trouble for your vehicle. In connection to such functionality, this product is produced with sufficient rigidity. With such quality, then this product could withstand any extreme condition that may arise as the operation continues. Not only that, this product is also engineered to fight any build up of decay like rusting. Since this product is mounted at the rear region underneath the vehicle, it is often neglected. Maintenance for this product is important; this must comply with regular check up for monitoring of its service status. When this product gets damaged, there will be a decrease on your vehicle's gas mileage.

Walker X Pipe

If you want to improve your vehicle's performance, the Walker X Pipe will be your best partner. When it comes to performance, this product is exceptional. Therefore, if you want your exhaust gases to be properly crossover and assisted, employing the service of this X pipe from Walker will give your vehicle the significant value it deserves. Aside from that, knowing the exhaust system creates a great effect on augmenting your vehicle's acceleration, this product can likewise aid to help in one way or another. So having this performance X pipe will definitely give your vehicle the speed you always wanted. This product is engineered with consistency especially when it comes to carrying out its task. Since the exhaust system is typically installed beneath the vehicle, likewise this product is mounted along. With such location, it is just important that this product is made from tough materials. Using stainless steel with natural corrosion resistance is one of the common materials employed. At the same time, these materials used for construction of the product can withstand the tremendous heat produced during the operation.

Walker Y Pipe

This Y pipe from Walker can certainly aid your vehicle's emission system as it handles the exhaust on your vehicle. This is manufactured using tough and durable materials to ensure that it will carry out its task efficiently. But unlike the other devices this automotive part is somewhat unique in design and execution of tasks. The only similarity that this product has with the other kinds of automotive parts is the conveying of maintenance routine. Hence if you're now opting to have this product, you can purchase it from this site since we have a large selection of Walker exhaust products. But take note, as you choose from our wide selection, make sure to consider your vehicle's model, make and year. Such specifications are important to assure the precision of fittings. Incompatible Y pipe might cause even more problems for your vehicle instead of helping the vehicle to augment its performance. So, browse our site now to find the exact Walker Y pipe that fits your vehicle!

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