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If two people won’t achieve much unless they agree, then your car also can’t go far and stay in good condition unless all its components are compatible with each other. Your car’s wheels, for example, have to be of the right size and composition to ensure a smooth and hassle-free drive wherever and whenever you feel like kicking some dust on the road. A car wheel contributes a lot to the overall performance and handling of a vehicle. If you install one that’s too big or too small for the wheel well and tire, it’s likely that your car’s handling and cornering will suffer—that is, if you’re able to install the wheel rim and stabilize the whole assembly at all. Aside from knowing the measurement of your wheel rims, it’s a must to determine their type as well. There’s the divided rim type that’s used in industry and agricultural vehicles. Drop-center rims, on the other hand, are for passenger cars, light trucks, and buses that use tubeless tires; while wide-base and flat-base rims are used only in buses and trucks that have tube-type tires. In terms of construction, a car wheel is of two types—stamped sheet metal and machine cast. A cast alloy wheel is lighter; it dissipates heat and withstands higher temperatures better, too. A stamped metal wheel, on the other hand, is more commonly used because of its suitability for different functions. But aside from contributing to your car’s performance, your wheels also help boost your car’s appearance. The kind of wheel rims you use can make your car look sporty, tough, or elegant. So if you want to give your car a new look, putting in a new wheel set is one of the best options. Now if you need new wheel rims for your car, you’re just in the right place. Auto Parts Warehouse offers extensive wheel selections you’ll surely love! So what are you waiting for? Check out our catalog and shop now!

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