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American Racing Authentic Hot Rod Wheels

Antiques can cost hundreds and sometimes millions of dollars, yet some people are willing to pay just to own them. Talk about love for old and valuable things. If you like vintage but don't want to spend that much, then the American Racing Vintage Wheels are perfect for you and your car. These wheels will give your car a touch of vintage, the perfect contrast to your vehicle's modern look. These vintage-looking wheels come in a five-spoke design. Some of them come with a hub cover to protect the lugs from harmful road elements. In addition, a variety of finishes are also available for these wheels. For example, the muscle wheels. They can be painted, chrome-plated, or fully polished. But take note: these wheels aren't merely all about looks.they can also perform! With the kind of design they have, they help in the cooling of the brakes. How? The slots on the wheels allow air to pass through straight to the braking components. Now, if you're interested to get vintage wheels by American Racing for your high-end ride, make sure you know what size fits it. Getting the wrong size means you'll have to modify some of your car's sections in order to accommodate these bigger wheels. Most American Racing Vintage Wheels measure 15 x 8 inches with a backside setting of 4.25 inches and bolt circle of 6 x 5.5 inches. Now don't go far if you're ready to order this part. Auto Parts Warehouse is the best place to get these vintage wheels at very affordable prices. Check out our catalog and order now!

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