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ATX Wheels

The SCORE Baja 1000 is one of the most demanding off-road races in the world. It makes you wonder how its terrain can affect the suspension, frame, and the wheels of every vehicle competing for the top position. For Cameron Steele, an ATX Dirt Team driver, he doesn't have to worry about anything happening to his car, thanks to its set of ATX wheels. Because of its reputation for durability, this brand produces the wheels trusted by the SCORE International and Kawasaki Team Green. What makes the brand's product durable and incredibly good looking is the use of high-quality Teflon. This permanent, baked-on coating provides a resistant finish that allows the wheels to survive in all types of road conditions. That way, dirt, UV degradation, and other elements are kept at bay. On top of that, the raw materials used on these off-road equipments are of high-grade. They are milled and machined precisely to match the strictest requirements of all vehicle makes and models. On top of that, each wheel is engineered to look good even under extreme conditions. Imagine using one of these wheels on your off-road or lifted truck? Not only will you make heads turn, you'll also leave their jaws wide open in disbelief as to how tough this product is. Aside from Teflon-finished products, these wheels are also available in chrome finishes. So, to get that peace of mind that professional drivers like Cameron Steele have on the road, invest in a set of ATX wheels today. This will enable you to enjoy the benefits of having a tough set of wheels whenever you're driving. To find out which will best fit your own ride, check out our catalog here at Auto Parts Warehouse.

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