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Enkei Racing Wheels

Fractions of a second.these are all you need to get your racing car in the winning column. However, if your pit machine is still using stock racing wheels, don't expect to get past the first lap, much more win the race. To make sure you end up first in the podium, ditch your old racing wheels and replace them with Enkei Racing Wheels. These racing wheels offer you the latest in composite alloy technology. Sophisticated forging/casting techniques and strict testing guidelines have been used in their engineering, so you can be sure they're built to last and give you superb performance. Other than these, Enkei also boasts of its own testing standard called Spec-E, one that far exceeds those of the Japan Light Alloy Wheel Standard (JWL) by which most wheels are engineered. Spec-E demands higher scores when it comes to impact testing. It also requires 20 percent more cycles when testing the rotary bending fatigue and dynamic radial fatigue. Simply put, Spec-E ensures that every Enkei racing wheel is tough and durable. More than just brawn and power, these racing wheels come in different colors for added panache and style: hyper black, bright silver, and gold. To protect them against corrosion, they come with a special brilliant coating as well. They're all backed up by Enkei's years of experience as one of the best manufacturers of top-caliber wheels today. So with Enkei Racing Wheels, you'll have all the confidence you need when you get into the oval. Get them from Auto Parts Warehouse now and we'll deliver them in a jiffy.

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