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OZ Racing Tuner Wheels

An automobile's movement is dependent on its wheels. With such an indispensable function, wheels need to be durable enough to ensure that they will be useful at all times, no matter how rough the road gets. This is why OZ Racing Tuner Wheels are excellent upgrades if you're after total performance. These luxury wheels have an outer rim, an inner-casted rim, and an aluminum valve. The three-piece design affords owners excellent customization options, as they can modify flange size, camber, channel width and rim depth according to their preferences. This configuration also allows Tuner wheels to achieve unparalleled performance without sacrificing aesthetics and durability. The inner rim's thickness is reduced, which helps shave off a lot of wheel weight and contributes to an improved weight-resistance ratio for your car. The inner rim is also ribbed to make it more resistant to warping and impact. The T6-treated inner-casted rim is made of aluminum and has good mechanical characteristics to help guarantee good performance. Lastly, the lightweight aluminum valve helps improve performance by reducing any balancing issues the wheel may have. The three-piece design is also practical in that individual pieces can be replaced without having to purchase a new wheel altogether. However, since each Tuner wheel is custom-made for particular orders, you need to get OZ to make new replacements that fit your wheel's particular specifications. So, to enjoy better vehicular movement on the road, invest in a set of OZ Racing Tuner Wheels. These wheels, along with other wheels from OZ, are available here at Auto Parts Warehouse. Just take a look at our selection to find the wheels that best fit your car. Order right away and we'll ship the item straight to your home in no time.

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