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SSR Wheels

How customized do you want your car to be? With SSR wheels, you can push .custom' to the limits. Unlike most wheel manufacturers, SSR offers wheels made from three separate pieces: the inner rim, the outer rim, and the center face. The inner rim affects how far a wheel can turn without rubbing against the wheel well. The outer rim, on the other hand, sets the distance between the wheel and the fender. By having different specs, these wheels can give you the proper wheel offset measurement depending on the geometry of your car's suspension. With such wheels tailored to your car's needs, you can definitely count on vehicle performance to improve. But don't think that being built out of three separate components makes SSR's wheels vulnerable to damage. SSR uses the latest heat treatment and semi-solid forging technology to ensure the strength and durability of each of its wheels without adding weight on them. SSR's experiences in motorsports and racing have also come in handy in wheel development and design, allowing its engineers to come up with wheels that are both sturdy and lightweight. SSR wheels undergo impact strength and endurance testing for the Japan Light Alloy Wheel (JWL) certification prior to market release. You can thus rest assured that these wheels will keep your car rolling in style for years to come. If these wheels are good enough for the racetrack, then they can certainly do wonders for any car. You can view SSR's one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece wheels at Auto Parts Warehouse. Order a set of these wheels today.

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