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            Whiteline: A Trusted Provider of Performance Suspension Components

            Whiteline is a leading global manufacturer of replacement and performance suspension components for the drivers, street performance, and motorsport vehicles. The company makes use of a variety of state-of-the-art methods and data recording tools to guarantee that the parts operate as a complete set which is adjusted to give an exceptional handling outcome. Whiteline has a comprehensive line of caster kits, sway bars, strut and chassis bracing, and many other products that ensure maximum handling precision and outright driving performance.

            Whiteline products are refined by a group of dedicated engineers who are trained to the company's products and philosophy. Using a range of advanced testing and data logging tools, they rely on extensive testing to maximize the product benefits and ensure that they work as a complete package tuned to give their customers the best handling outcome.

            Precision engine bushings

            While they may not carry the cool factor of a big camshaft or trick cylinder heads, the bushings are nonetheless vital players in terms of engine performance and longevity. In technical terms, a "bushing" is a flexible isolator designed to absorb vibration, but it generally means something a bit different when you're talking about engines. In an engine, a bushing is indeed an isolator, but in this case, it's more of a metal sleeve designed to keep moving components from wearing directly on other components. In this sense, the bushing actually functions more as a bearing.

            Whiteline's engine bushings do a great job of not transmitting engine vibration, they also create vague and unresponsiveness in the car's drive train. Under hard acceleration, the engine and transmission rotate. Whiteline's synthetic elastomer torque arm inserts work in conjunction with the OE rubber bushing, giving your vehicle better throttle response as well as more defined gear shifts.

            High-caliber anti lift kit

            Whiteline anti lift kit or 'Walk' as the company calls it, is manufactured to add 0.5-degree static positive caster to both of the front wheels while changing the nature of the front anti-dive and lift. The low compliance bush also preserves a higher dynamic and a positive castor. By changing the front control arm geometry, the new alloy mounts that are coupled with the new low compliance synthetic elastomer bushings will change the front suspension's attitude. This leads to superior traction under power, including cornering and dramatically decreasing understeer and front wheel spin. The additional castor coupled with the new and firmer bushings supplied, serve to dramatically sharpen initial turn-in response then forcing more consistent alignment angles through the corner. This is due to the reduced bush compliance. All these features definitely make Whiteline's anti lift kit worth the price.

            Exceptional strut and chassis bracing

            Chassis bracing preserves the alignment angles and spring rates by greatly reducing body or chassis flex. It helps every component in the suspension system to do its job properly. You can feel the difference through the improved turn-in and a sharper steering response along with greater steering feedback. Whiteline strut bars, strut brace, and strut tower bars not only makes your vehicle handle better, but they also look great on the car as they feature premium polished alloy materials and powder coated end brackets.

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