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            Wolo Manufacturing Products

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            Wolo Manufacturing Corporation: An Innovator of Top-of-the-line Safety Products

            Wolo Manufacturing Corporation is one of the leaders in horn design and technology when it comes to electric, truck, marine, air, motorcycle, and industrial equipment since 1965. It was then a one-person operation with an idea and a commitment to produce and manufacture a single patented hood lock.

            Over the years, Wolo Manufacturing Corporation has proven its goal to operate with integrity and to serve their customer's needs. Wolo Manufacturing Corporation is now asecond-generation family owned and still guarantees the same mission and goal. They now offer vehicle emergency and safety warning lights for trucks, cars, industrial equipment and emergency vehicles. The people behind the Wolo Manufacturing Corporation is very proud of their past achievements and success and still continue to develop groundbreaking products for their customers. Wolo Manufacturing Corporation catalog includes horns, horn accessories, sirens and siren speakers, warning lights, backup alarms, on-board air system, and light bars.

            ExcellentWarning lights

            With Wolo Manufacturing Corporation's commitment to quality, they have already mastered the art of manufacturing excellent warning lights. These warning lights are available in different types to suit their customer's taste and preference. One of the exceptional types of warning lights is the rotating type that produces 60 flashes per minute with a lifelong magnet low noise motor. These 12-volt rotating warning light has a replaceable lens and a three powerful protected magnets that secure the light to any metal surface. Another powerful type of Wolo Manufacturing Corporation's warning light is the strobe type that produces 2.5 joules of flash each second. These strobe warning lights with replaceable Fresnel lens are specially designed to resist all types of weather. Another addition to its commendable types of warning lights is the LED type with 10 different light patterns. Wolo Manufacturing Corporation assures its customers that this type of warning lights are maintenance free and that the bulbs don't need to be replaced.All these admirable features just go to show that Wolo Manufacturing Corporation's warning lights are worth buying.

            Powerful sirens and speakers

            Wolo Manufacturing Corporation is also a reliable manufacturer of sirens and speakers. In compliance with theirhigh standards, these sirens and speakers are built with state-of-the-art electronics to guarantee long-term and reliable service. With their commitment to quality, these 12-volt sirens and 80-watt siren speakerscome with a noise-cancelling microphone that brings out high-quality voice amplification without any shriek or feedback. These sirens and speakers also have an adjustable volume through the rotary on and off control. Also, the adjustable metal swing bracket included in the kit really makes mounting possible for vehicles that have limited open space in the dash area. Another admirable feature of these sirens and speakers is the front panel of the controller that is illuminated by LED for better visibility during the night time. With these features, there's definitely no doubt thatthe Wolo Manufacturing Corporation values its mission and goal of producing groundbreaking products to the market.

            Deep sounding air horns

            Wolo Manufacturing Corporation is also recognized as one of the leading innovators of heavy-duty air hornswith a sound chamber that creates a dip big rig sound that absolutely outperforms factory horns. These air horns arethe ideal choice for 12-volt vehicles, not to mention that these air horns don't require hoses, unlike the other typical air horns. The people behind their production procedurereassure its customers that these are constructed with maintenance free and durable compressor for a guaranteed long-term reliable service. What makes their air horns more exceptional is that the housings are made from heavy-duty ABS plastic with a black stealth finish. Considering all of these exemplary features of not just the air horns, but also their other product lines, it's pretty obvious that the Wolo Manufacturing Corporation really means business when it comes to producing safety products in the market.

            Wolo Manufacturing Horn

            The highway is a battlefield. Before entering it, you have to arm your vehicle with powerful weapons and a strong protection so that you won't be defeated easily by the larger players in the field. With the cacophony of traffic sounds, honking horns, and shouting drivers, it's tempting to just stay quiet and let the highway war run its course. Why would you stand down, though? When the traffic battle is already at its peak and there seems to be no way out, use a powerful Wolo Manufacturing horn as your weapon. With a mighty trumpet sound that could reach up to 115 decibels, it would definitely cut through the symphony of chaotic sounds on the road. Other drivers will hear you and understand your signal, so there's no need for you to poke your head out of the car window and shout for them to give way. With its durable steel housing and tough copper coil wire motor, this horn would definitely be a great addition to your driving weapons. Get a Wolo Manufacturing horn here at Auto Parts Warehouse without emptying your wallet. All our products are reasonably priced to fit your budget, so place an order and enjoy these great deals today.

            Wolo Manufacturing Products

            There are different factors that determine road safety.from driving visibility and vehicle handling to braking efficiency and steering response. However, while most drivers embark on upgrading the major assemblies in their vehicle in order to maintain their driving security, many forget that safety is also determined by certain small factors in their drive. One of these is road communication.keeping an eye on the moves of other drivers on the road and keeping them informed of your driving maneuvers. Wolo Manufacturing is one auto parts company that places importance on road communication, manufacturing a wide range of horns and warning lights for cars and trucks. The company has been in the market for more than 45 years now, and it does not only serve the automotive industry but is also a major name in the industrial equipment market. Its horns range from the air type to the electric variety. These are designed to produce an extra loud sound that is sure to be heard even in noisy traffic environment, allowing all other drivers to be alerted of your presence and be aware of your approach, turn, or other moves. Meanwhile, the warning lights offered by Wolo Manufacturing come in different types and are engineered to emit strong beams that are sure not to be missed by motorists. These are beneficial when you get stranded on a dark road and need assistance; they allow you to give other drivers a signal that you need help. Some of these lights from the company are even ideal for use in extremely harsh weathers.when driving in the sleet or heavy rains.

            Many of the Wolo Manufacturing parts are offered in packages that already contain all the mounting hardware needed, so you don.t have to do separate purchases anymore. All are easy to install, with most of them available with mounting instructions so that you can do the installation procedure all by yourself. Here at Auto Parts Warehouse, we carry a selection of parts from the company. Its horns are of the electric type and are made from top-quality materials that are sure to last long. They come in different decibel levels, and they emit either a low or a high pitch.all you have to do is to choose the one that you think will work with your vehicle best. And because all these are offered at reasonable prices, you won.t have any problem with your budget. Just browse our catalog now and click on the Wolo Manufacturing part that you need.

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